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On 22 June, St John's Eve, Ruse becomes the stage of a competition of ideas, individual and group performances, and off-beat solutions. This is the traditional city carnival.

Every year the event starts with a procession from three different points in Ruse. They gather in the centre of the Little Vienna, where the true Carnival and the colourful fiesta begin in earnest.

The Ruse Carnival – a revived tradition of freedom of expression using all forms of street performance: processions, dances, games, competitions. A day of open spaces in the thoughts and the dreams!

The Carnival – fun, games and lots of awards for all participants. With no age restrictions!

The Carnival of Ruse, the city of free spirit, awaits you!

Tourist Information Center, City of Ruse, 61 Аlexandrovska St

phone: +359 82 824 704

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ruse Carnival


Ruse Carnival


Ruse Carnival


Ruse Carnival





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