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Arura is a place where Tibetan medicine meets traditional medicine and partners with nutrition to prevent and heal the mind and the body. Arura is the plant that Buddha holds in his right hand in most pictures you have seen. This plant is one of the most powerful and widely used plants in Tibetan medicine. Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. It includes philosophy, science, and healing practices that can help create and maintain a healthy body and mind. Tibetan medicine teaches that all living beings are made up of energy and each person is born with a unique constitution of nature. So there is not one approach that heals all people equally. Individualism is regarded as the base of Tibetan medicine.

The Arura method starts with prevention, a culture that is so lacking in Bulgaria. The machine that is used for the diagnostic process is based on several world-known alternative practices. In short, it requires no blood sampling, just measurement of some or all of the acupuncture points of the body. It is a 10 min diagnostic test that scans the whole body and shows where the problems are. This is required to find the cause of a problem and to treat the cause, not the symptoms unlike what most current pharmacy medicines do. If your liver is underperforming, you will have a problem conceiving. If your prolactin hormone is out of proportion, you will see pimples on your forehead and your cheeks depending on whether it is higher or lower. When needed, the results are then compared to blood results to check the levels of the necessary building blocks of the human body. A blood test by itself may show no problem if read in traditional medicine terms, but along with the Tibetan diagnostic methods it gives the full picture of a problem. The method also predicts future issues that have started and can be easily fixed through acupuncture, nutrition, and spirit.

The nutrition is a big part of being well and getting well and since we are all different, our way of nutrition is supposed to be different as well. Minerals and vitamins are only needed in very small quantities for our bodies to function. When your stomach and intestines are damaged, this becomes mission impossible! If you have come to seek help for something, most likely you already have a problem in your stomach and intestines. Almost 90% of Bulgarian women lack an enormous amount of iron, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D. All are very important pieces of the body puzzle that make it work smoothly. Tibetan medicine uses the transdermal method supplying the body with the necessary nutrients through massages and baths. We also apply it on the face for cosmetic purposes. You cannot fix only the skin, the skin is our largest organ and it is a mirror of what's going on inside our body. In order to fix the skin, you have to fix your health first! It is pointless to work on the surface unless you are working on the core. One example would be a massage with CBD oil with zero THC and magnesium chloride, with a few other vitamins added. A massage for approximately 30 min gives the body its needed supply to a big extent. The CBD oil is anti-inflammatory and gently relaxes the nervous system, so the absorption of the accompanying magnesium and vitamins is instantaneous. Cramps stop almost immediately when coupled with a similar cream freshly produced on the spot for taking home.

Arura Center Sofia

Information is also a very important tool when it comes to preventing and healing problems. If you have a problem absorbing calcium and eat a lot of the otherwise healthy spinach, you are almost guaranteed to end up with kidney stones due to a substance in the spinach that acts like a glue for calcium. Tomatoes are another very common problem and the misconception is big. Being low calorie, they are one of the most sought after food by dieting people who eat them in vast quantities. While two or three cherry tomatoes are ok, the lectin in 1-2kg of tomatoes creates a thorn ball tearing the intestine walls. That is why a lot of incorrectly dieting people end up with a lot of problems. Garlic is another healthy product that is deadly to an inflamed gallbladder. If you are healthy, some amount of that will do you great good, but once inflamed you have to stay away from it 100%. Remember, not one person is like any other, says Buddha and so personal diets should be monitored in a very individualistic approach.

Tibetan medicine has had great success with chronic illnesses regarded by the West as incurable. Karl Lutz, a Swiss drug manufacturer created Padma AG, a company to produce Tibetan healing formulas, in 1969, and started producing Padma 28, developed from the traditional formula, Gabur 25. Since then Padma 28 is widely used for its benefits and more. The herbs are usually dried and moulded into small balls for easier swallowing which makes it very easy to stick to. It is important to take the herbs in the appointed times as well, because they have to coincide with the work time of the organs that they are made for. Tibetan medicine once again shows how important it is to have breakfast as early as possible, to give a reason to the intestines to work. Skipping breakfast is a very bad habit and it leads to the whole system not starting the proper way when it needs to start. Food according to Tibetan practice has to be warm and colorful and with lots of different flavors if possible. Then it gives the proper energy to the body.

Arura Center Sofia

Arura Wellness Club is a social club for people who want to be healthy and happy and share the same ideas of eating right and living right. The club tries to supply members with home products like home eggs, meat, or spices as well. It is an interesting place people can find support to start or develop their physical and emotional health. Buddha says, "Peace comes from within you, don't look for it outside."

There is a way to fix all problems, and the first step is to want the change and to ask for help! Prevention must be turned into a national culture and then the happiness will follow!


Sofia, Iztok, 4 Asen Peykov St (temporary on 20 Latinka St)

phone: +359 8888 29845

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