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We all want to have smooth and young skin on the face and the body. Studio Av Light helps us to achieve this. Snezhana Valcheva, a beautician, tells more.

What should we know about laser epilation?

Laser epilation is the only method for lasting removal of unwanted hair. Thanks to innovation in laser technologies our procedures can be performed the year round, even on tanned skins. Diode epilation with our equipment allows treatment even of skin of the darkest phototype.

Laser epilation removes hair selectively, destroying the hair follicle, but preserving the epidermis and the derma. Lasting epilation is quickly achieved, and skin condition improves. The skin gets smooth and soft, without ingrown hairs, pimples and others.

The procedure is safe, completely painless, with minimal side effects. The number of procedures depends on the skin's phototype, the sex, the area of treatment, genetic and hormonal specifics and others. Usually, their number is 6-10.

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Recommend a facial procedure to prepare us for the summer.

Regardless of age, before and after summer, and at every change of seasons when our skin loses most moisture, I recommend Hydra Maximum hydrating procedure. This is an intensive hydrating procedure with products containing natural components, which helps the cells to link the moisture in skin and to generate stable moisturising. The result is immediate and remains constant, when home care and proper sun protection are applied. The feel is for smooth and gentle skin, full of life.

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What about body?

Besides well-known procedures for firm and aesthetic skin such as ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency lifting, that we offer, the Red Wine therapy should not be overlooked. Red wine is a champion in the quantity of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants providing maximum protection from free radicals. They prevent water retention and are efficient in fight with cellulite, they detox and improve the immunity. Red wine contains flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins В1, В2, С, Р, minerals. It provenly stimulates collagen synthesis, activates blood circulation, regenerate cells, regulates fat production, closes the pores. Red Wine therapy is excellent for inhabitants of polluted urban environments with intensive lifestyles. It is a boon for people whose skin needs hydration and nourishing, and is a powerful weapon in fight for preservation of youth.


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