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Brick Café Sofia is a small inspiring place located in the diplomatic area of Sofia in the Iztok quarters, just a few meters down from Moskva Park-Hotel and the Borisova Garden.

Situated between at least 10 embassies, the place embodies the spirit of the world. Often called the United Nations of Brick Café for its huge diversity of international and local patrons.

If you think that crazy ideas don't work, this place will prove you wrong! The ambiance is created by the sound of a live piano in the evenings, chatty staff and guests. The menu includes some of the world's favorite comfort foods, along with to recently exploded Keto diet menu.

The owner is a nutritionist who works closely with a Tibetan medicine specialist, and enjoys creating menus every day to make sure that even vegans meet their nutritional goals.

Brick Cafe Sofia

Denver Burger

The lunch menu is the most nutritional you can find around. The surprisingly delicious hemp hearts with spinach, for example, could be served next to Volcano Nachos and not seem odd at all! This place has something special for everybody from Thai and Mexican dishes, to American Buffalo wings or a Chicken Keto Sandwich made with coconut gluten free bread or vegan chocolate.

Visiting Brick Café Sofia is an experience that will leave you smiling!

Sofia, Iztok, 11 Коnstantin Shtarkelov St

phones:+359 2 878 0485, +359 87 637 3933

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brick Cafe Sofia

Keto Chicken Burger


Brick Cafe Sofia


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