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The skills, the ambition to improve and the desire to learn are typical for the good architect and make the work of architecture studios such as M-Sintez Ltd a quality standard. Established in 2002, the studio offers the complete process of investment development of residential, administrative, industrial and other buildings. Assistant professor Mariana Tsvetkova, PhD, manager of M-Sintez, tells more.

How did architecture design in Bulgaria change after the 2009 crisis?

The quality of architectural design and construction changed due to the increased competition in the field. Significant number of smaller architecture offices closed. Bigger companies established themselves on the market, employing more architects of different age groups. Thus appeared conditions for training and continuity between experienced and younger colleagues.

What are the current trends in contemporary Bulgarian architecture?

The most significant trend is that it follows the development of international architecture. All colleagues aim to create better and more quality projects and buildings.

In the modern world we can hardly talk about specific Bulgarian architecture, because in the global world architecture has also globalised. That is why contemporary cities are similar both in masterplanning and as building architecture.

M-Sintez Architecture Studio

Through what stages undergoes the design process at M-Sintez and what specialists are engaged in them?

We work with a full team of specialists. We prepare projects in Geology; Geodesy; Architecture; Construction; Water supply and sewerage systems; Electricity installation; Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning; Landscape architecture and park design; Interior design; Documentation and others. They are needed for issuing of building permit and for the quality of construction.

Preliminary survey and architecture design is the longest and hardest stage of the process. This is when the masterplanning solution is surveyed along with construction indicators and the volume and spatial options for the building. The area's infrastructure is also surveyed: exit data for electricity, water supply, sewerage, heating and others. In this period we "educate" the investor on what can be designed on the particular plot, and we seek and reach a compromise between their desires and the potential of the building plan.

The technical design includes development of the project in all the above-mentioned fields. They are like the skeleton and the systems providing the life of a human body. The well designed building, the "right building," functions properly and looks good, in such cases we talk about sustainable architecture.

M-Sintez Architecture Studio

Do you work in a particular style?

We definitely strive not for a particular style, but for "right architecture." This means an aim towards a properly functioning building, with good appearance and function, that meets the requirements of its time and has its individuality, all of these achieved with the means of modern construction technologies.

We work with different investors and many of them have their own aesthetic criteria that have to be satisfied with proper architectural means. I prefer diversity, for me it means that the architect is not creatively exhausted.

How do you guarantee the quality of your work?

There are two types of quality for me: as a technical performance and precision of the projects, and as aesthetics and innovation.

In the first case I think that we produce very detailed and technically quality projects that make construction easier.

We constantly aim to create aesthetic and proper buildings, regardless of their budget.

One of the prerequisites for high quality is the experience in design of different sites, the knowledge of construction technologies and examples from the international practice.

M-Sintez participates in all announced architecture competitions in Bulgaria and has quite a few selected projects. They help us to keep in shape and are the true expression for the architect's capabilities.

M-Sintez Architecture Studio

Which of your projects do you feel particularly connected to?

In the end of July will be finished a 10-story office building on King Boris III Boulevard close to the intersection with Academician Ivan Geshov Boulevard in Sofia. The project was a challenge as the plot is small, between two blind walls, with significant height, only two facades and requirement for luxury and elegance.

We successfully overcame all difficulties and the building is already a fact.


Sofia, 13 Midzhur St, floor 1, apartment 1

phones: 02 963 17 32, 0884 512 389

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