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Products of MIcrete® in public spaces Products of MIcrete® in public spaces

MI Concrete Ltd. is a company specialising in architecture design, design and manufacture of products with MIcrete®.

The company was inspired by the unique characteristics of Ultra High Performance Concretes that make possible the manufacture of thin-walled elements with various applications in architecture, interior design, urban environment and landscape. With a lot of efforts and experiments we successfully modified and greatly improved the characteristics of conventional concrete, creating MIcrete®, the ideal material for MI Concrete's products.

What makes MIcrete® superior to conventional concrete?

MICRETE Strength

  • Incredible performance: about six times higher than ordinary concrete

MICRETE Absorption

  • Low water absorption
  • Denser structure of the matrix

MICRETE Durability

  • Extraordinary durability (high resistance to cyclical freezing and unfreezing)


  • Better value for money
  • Perfect surface and shape imprint


The combination of these qualities allows to decrease the sections, the volume and the weight and to create elegant shapes. It makes the impossible possible, creating a brand new appearance in both concrete and urban environment. Until recently concrete was thought of as something rude and boring, now it is defined by words like precision, beauty and elegance.

MIcrete suspended facade

MIcrete® textures


Using the MIcrete® innovation allows the company to turn even the boldest architectural desires into a reality. The company focuses on production of facade panels, furniture (boards, sinks, shelves, tables, benches etc), linings and floor plates, objects. All products are available in a wide range of colours and in limitless variations of textures - from perfectly smooth to very rugged, with or without air puffs. The flexibility of MIcrete® allows perfect footprint of any kind of surface.


Architecture Design

Architecture design is a natural addition to MI Concrete's production activity. The company's mission is to bring character and individuality into the environment with implementation and popularisation of Ultra High Performance Concrete in architecture and design.

MI Concrete's advantage is the knowledge on materials and the strive for perfection. The company's moving force is a team of ambitious architects, designers and engineers with years of experience in Bulgaria and abroad.

MIcrete® suspended facade

Suspended facade with MIcrete® panels. The facade elements are stronger, thinner and lighter which makes them better value for money and easier to mount


Each of MI Concrete's projects is tailored to the individual desires of the client, the functional needs and the architectural requirements.

The company approach every design project with attention to detail.

MIcrete® features in many of MI Concrete projects because the company creates modern architecture and it is a material of the future. It combines easily with other materials and can be used in the most daring exterior and interior solutions.

The future of architecture is designed with products like Ultra High Performance Concrete.

Interior solutions with MIcrete® decorative tiles

Interior solutions with MIcrete® decorative tiles


Creating quality architectural and design projects, such as these materials, is the company's duty.

Using MIcrete® makes MI Concrete braver in their ideas. They can go further. They can do it with passion.


+359 889 346 460



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