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Turkish Airlines started its relocation to Istanbul Airport, the largest airport project in the world, on 5 April at 3 am.

The relocation took a total of 45 hours and ended late on 6 April (Saturday) at 11,59 pm. Istanbul Airport and Atatürk Airport were closed for all passenger flights for 12 hours, between the last Turkish Airlines passenger flight from Atatürk Airport to Singapore at 2 am on 6 April and the flight to Ankara Esenboğa Airport from Istanbul Airport at 2 pm the same day. Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul Airport will be increased in stages according to a set plan.

During the relocation process Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, M. İlker Aycı, commented: "We are conducting the biggest transportation operation in the aviation history. So much so that during the move from Atatürk Airport which was the host of Turkish Airlines during its great rise in the global aviation to Istanbul Airport, our new home, the combined size of the equipment we are starting to transfer would cover the 33 football pitches. We will continue to welcome our guests from all over the world with the unique service concept of Turkish Airlines with much wider opportunities provided by our new home after this great operation, which closely followed not only in our country and region, but also on a global scale."

Turkish Airlines on Istanbul Airport

Over 47,000 tonnes of equipment

During the great relocation equipment weighting about 47,300 tonnes was moved from Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport. From aircraft towing apparatus weighting 44 tonnes to extremely sensible materials, the pieces of equipment number over 10,000 and equal to freight of 5,000 trucking rigs. In these 45 hours the cargo platforms covered about 400,000 kilometres. This is equal to circling the Earth 10 times. Over 1,800 people were involved in the large-scale operation.

Turkish Airlines on Istanbul Airport

The flight codes are changed

After the first stage of opening the additional Turkish Airlines passengers flights from Istanbul Airport had ISL code. After the relocation, the IATA codes changed and since 3 am on 6 April the IST code was transferred from Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport. Atatürk Airport, where cargo and VIP passengers flights are performed, now uses the ISL code.

The team of Turkish Airlines thanks everyone for sharing with the airline its new home's emotions and welcomes passengers at Istanbul Airport.

Turkish Airlines on Istanbul Airport


Turkish Airlines on Istanbul Airport


Turkish Airlines logo

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