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Modern humans live far from nature and stress increases at a frightening scale. Architect Aleksandra Atanasova knows the solution. Her Forest Design Forest Design And Architecture Studio makes architecture and interior projects and wall panels of nature wood bark and Scandinavian moss. Their presence helps the inhabitants of a space to relax, free from the stress, to feel well. Plus, these materials look really gorgeous.

What is Forest Design Forest Design And Architecture?

Everything behind which I stand, the result of a lot of work, time, research, experiments, tests of the materials. I would never offer to the market a product that is just beautiful. It should also be quality. All natural materials that we offer: Scandinavian moss, vintage cork bark, bark of white, oak and black birch, are incredibly beautiful. Their installation has its peculiarities, that is why I personally oversee the assembly process. The result is always great. I got engaged with forest design 2 ago and I can say that this is a magical thing, different from everything else.

Architect Aleksandra Atanasova, Forest Design What are its advantages in an interior?

Natural materials have a power over the human. They are beneficial, they reduce the anxiety and calm the mind. Elements such as Scandinavian moss and cork bark in office environment improve concentration and effectiveness of the employees as they provide better relaxation and rest. The vintage cork bark is 2.5-3 cm and provides excellent nouse and heat insulation. It has rich texture and is pealed from trees that have reached 23 years of age.

Is their maintenance hard?

No. Scandinavian moss doesn't need complicated and expensive watering systems, when it gets dry it only needs a sprinkle with water. All the barks are treated against insects and are antistatic, meaning they don't collect dust. If one wants, they can clean the vintage cork bark with the brush appliance of a vacuum cleaner. The rest of the barks can be cleaned with wet microfibre cloth.

Forest Design Studio


When can we use them?

Everywhere. I have installed Scandinavian moss even on ceilings and the result is very interesting. Its affinity to humidity makes it an excellent solution for dark and humid spaces. I have also used barks in a number of surfaces: from walls to sliding doors and even the faces of drawers.


phone: +359 878 53 98 46

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FB: Arch.Aleksandra.Atanasova

Instagram: Forest.Design.Architecture


Forest Design Studio


Forest Design Studio


Forest Design Studio


Forest Design Studio


Forest Design Studio


Forest Design Studio


Forest Design Studio


Forest Design Studio



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