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Lovech meets are the requirements for a hidden treasure definition

Lilacs in full bloom, ancient and medieval past, authentic traditional architecture, glorious Revival Period history: Lovech is a town that is a delight to discover. The best time to do it is the city official day, 11 May, when the emblematic lilacs are in full bloom, the nature smiles with spring joy and it is a real pleasure to explore the town and its environs.

Perched atop a strategically located hill over the Osam River, Lovech Fortress is a major site in the town. Its forbidding pinnacles remember 1187, when the fortress stopped the army of the Byzantine Emperor rushing to end the rebellion of the Asen Brothers.

Picturesquely scattered at the fortress's foot, the houses of the Varosha Architecture and Historical Neighbourhood are a memory from the 19th century when the Bulgarian nation revived culturally and economically, starting a struggle for national independence from the Ottomans. Don't miss visiting the specially created Ethnographical Complex. The Rashova and Drasova houses there reveal the details of the lives of wealthy citizens of Lovech from the period.

Lovech, the covered bridge

Kolyu Ficheto's covered bridge


Two emblematic figures of the Bulgarian Revival Period are linked to the history and geography of Lovech. In his travels around the Bulgarian lands, Vasil Levski made this town the centre of his clandestine revolutionary organisation. Today in Varosha there is a special museum preserving the richest collection of the revolutionary's personal items in Bulgaria.

The genius master builder Kolyu Ficheto is the author of Lovech's most recognisable site: the covered bridge over the Osam. Since the 1870s the only covered bridge on the Balkans continues to serve the city and its people, a monument of triumph of human ingenuity over powers of nature.

More places to discover dot the environs of Lovech. The Kakrina Inn keeps the memory for the arrest of Vasil Levski, while the 60-metre high Devetaki Cave is an imposing creation of nature. The Staro Stefanovo architecture reserve is a quiet mountain village packed with charming 19th century houses in the typical regional architecture.


Tourist Information Center: Lovech, Mostova St (Covered Bridge), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lovech, Vasil Levski monument

Vasil Levski monument


Devetaki Cave

Devetaki Cave

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