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The story of harmonica began in 2006, when friends Maggie, Meto and Lubo decided to start working with the first two organic cow farms in Bulgaria. It wasn't a business idea to begin with, they just wanted to be able to give real food to their families.

In those times in the stores one could mostly find cheap imitations of foods that compromised on quality, the environment and our health. The notion of organic agriculture in Bulgaria was completely alien and the responses the three friends received usually amounted to "yeah, there's no way this could work here."

harmonica started with a single product: organic yogurt. But it gave the three friends hope and faith that they could change things for the better. Through their work we discovered how agriculture and food production are at the epicentre of the great environmental issues facing our generation – loss of biodiversity, climate change, pollution. They realised that many solutions were available and that harmonica was part of a worldwide wave of change.

Today harmonica is engaged in finding the solutions to those problems through everything the company does. Bulgaria can be an amazing example for food production that cares for the soil, water, biodiversity, with a fruitfulness that brings prosperity to people. That is why harmonica chooses to work openly, attracting more and more farmers, producers and partners who share our values. harmonica chooses to develop in a way that makes it a positive alternative.

Experimenting with new ideas, tastes and products is what makes harmonica such good example for responsible business. The aroma and taste of rose acquire a completely new dimension with the cold-pressed cordial harmonica. Like all other products of the company, the rose cordial is organic, healthy, tasty. It is made of extract of aromatic Bulgarian roses that are organically grown. Raw cane sugar is the only other ingredient in it. The Harmonica rose cordial is preservatives, pesticides and GMO free, and is vegan. Diluted with water in proportion 1:7 it makes a wonderful refreshing drink, and if you are in the mood for something different, you can add it in a summer cocktail. The Harmonica rose cordial has fans abroad, too – in 2017 it won the prestigious British award Great Taste.


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