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For the first time in Bulgaria two aesthetic medicine doctors working at Hill Clinic acquired the highest recognition by Aptos, the famous method for nonsurgical thread lifting. On 5 April 2019, on a special ceremony, Dr Eleonora Valyanova and Dr Lidia Vaneska were approved for international trainers for the brand.

In the 1990s, the genius Georgian doctor Marken Sulamanidze developed the Anti+Ptosis formula for youth restoration. The method is an underskin introduction of very thin and resorbant threads that smooth wrinkles, restore drooping ovals and lift the zones of the face and body that need lifting. All this is achieved without plastic surgery, use of a scalpel or cuts. With a few microscopic stings Aptos fights against ageing.

The brand recently launched a new product line: treads of L-lactic acid and polycaprolactone with added hyaluronic acid. Besides lasting and delicate lifting these provide faster recovery and hydration in depth.

Notwithstanding their years of experience in nonsurgical lifting Dr Valyanova and Dr Vaneska went through several stages of trainings and exams to prove their skills and knowledge in application of Aptos. During the 2019 International Antiageing Congress, that took place in Monaco under the aegis of His Serene Highness Albert II, Prince of Monaco, the two doctors received their certificates and joined Aptos's selected experts.


Dr Eleonora Valyanova"I am honoured to join the Aptos family as one of their international trainers. I would be happy to share my knowledge and skills with other colleagues as I believe than perfect mastership over the method will bring their professionalism to a completely different level, and their patients will be happy with the results."

Dr Eleonora Valyanova


Dr Lidia Vaneska"Being chosen for ан international Aptos trainer is a crucial moment in my career and is the result of a lot of work through the years. The right and proper application of the Aptos method is key for the good effect of threadlifting. So my role as a training doctor will be to show how to achieve the best results in a way that is safe for the patient."

Dr Lidia Vaneska


The Aptos method: Surgery-free beauty

The Aptos threads are created for a wide range of corrections of age-related changes of face, neck, body. They have different structure and thickness. Some are introduced with needles and others with cannulas. The introduction procedure is fast and atraumatic. The threads are used for wrinkle smoothening, face oval firming, brow lifting, underlining of the lower jaw, improved chin projection and other changes that are key for youthful expression. They have longer, 2-year period of disintegration.

The different types of threads and the diverse schemes for implementation are chosen to fit the desired results, the patient's age and the way of ageing.

The aesthetic dermatologist chooses from about 20 different dermoresorbant threads of the Aptos line the best ones for the particular face. The minimal trauma of the method satisfies the requirements of patients who want a lifting but don't want to undergo a surgery. The threads are introduced at a depth of only 3-5 mm, which guarantees that nerve endings or large blood vessels are not affected. The procedure takes significantly less time than surgery and recovery is dramatically shorter.

The improvement of the appearance is visible immediately after the end of the procedures and the desired improvement gets stronger with time, while threads are resorbed in skin. An effect of skin internal "reinforcement" is achieved together with strengthening, improved elasticity and skin turgor. The facial expression gets smoother, the general impression is of freshness and youth.

Patients can get back to their routine activities immediately after the therapy. Massages, intensive sport and sauna/steam bath are limited for a while. The threads can be combined with other aesthetic methods such as plasmotherapy, mesotherapy, dermal temporary fillers and other aesthetic procedures.

Revolutionary innovation: Aptos with hyaluronic acid

Hill ClinicRecently the Aptos lifting threads offered a new development: products with added hyaluronic acid. Besides complete biological compatibility and antioxidant protection during their disintegration in skin, hyaluronic threads provide lasting hydration in depth, a powerful stimulation to production of one's own collagen and elastin; they visibly rejuvenate.

It is scientifically proven that compared to regular lifting threads containing only PLACL, the new PLACLHA threads increase the production of collagen type 1 with 50% as early as the first two weeks after the procedure and increase the amount of collagen type3 with more than 20%. For the first time in Bulgaria these innovative products are at disposal of aesthetic dermatologists from Hill Clinic. Their use requires specific skills that only certified and trained specialists from Hill Clinic currently have.

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