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Waking every day among the endless sea is a true pleasure for the soul. The sun gently caresses the skin and the only thing to hear is the murmur of the waves carelessly taking the yacht to new horizons. Many people dream of the timelessness and tranquility that overcome you when sailing.

You can organise such a vacation in two ways: by securing a place in a staffed yacht or with taking on the adventure to rent only the vessel. For the second scenario you will need a valid captain license and good training.

The professionals at Karela Sailing will open for you all the secrets of the sea and will teach you the important skills that every skipper should know. The team of the oldest and most prestigious captain and sailing school in Bulgaria will surely help you discover new horizons. For more than 10 years Karela Sailing has organised courses for captains and sailing in Sofia, Plovdiv and Nesebar. Every student receives professional theoretical training for captain for up to 40gt and the chance to practice in Pancharevo Lake and Iskar Dam. The most enthusiastic new captains can hone their skills in the Aegean Sea. Throughout the summer Karela Sailing organises there training trips with an experienced skipper. Students are welcome aboard the school's most modern yacht, BENETAU OCEANIS 373.

Karela Sailing

By choosing Karela Sailing you are in the hands of the best in the field, Captain Stefan Karamanliev and Captain Petar Stoimenov. Stefan, who is the school's founder, has a Cor Caroli Golden Globe for sailing from Nesebar to Guadeloupe and back. Petar has a rich sailing experience in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Besides captain and sailing trainings, Karela Sailing also offers services like yacht management, intermediation in purchase of vessels, equipment consultation, help in organisation of independent sailing.

Discover new horizons with Karela Sailing on

Karela Sailing

New horizons with Karela Sailing

*Captain courses

*Sailing trainings

*Yachts for rent

*Consultant and intermediary services



Sofia, 17 Ilarion Makariopolski St

Stefan Karamanliev: 0888 237 077

Petar Stoimenov: 0887 816 048

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FB: KarelaSailing

Instagram: karelasailing


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