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The contemporary humans inhabit a constantly changing environment that lowers their ability for adaptation and consequentially the ability to overcome health problems.

The Bulgarian BERT-А1 apparatus uses an innovative technology for bio-resonance therapy, which is a modern alternative to chemical treatment of viruses, bacteria and parasites. These pathogens cause some of the most widely spread diseases: flu, tonsillitis, pneumonia, gastritis, colitis, mycotic infections etc. During a series of therapeutical procedures with BERT-А1, the pathogenic organisms die or leave the patient, leading to treatment of any pathogen-related disease while not a single healthy cell of the human is harmed.

Advantages of BERT-А1:

  • doesn't harm the organism that is being treated;
  • simultaneous prophylactic and therapeutical activity;
  • comfortable and easy application;
  • lowered chemical contamination of the patient's organism;
  • universality: can be applied to both humans and animals.

BERT-А1 uses low-energy electrical impulses, the frequency of the work is selected in accordance with the particular pathogenic agent. The apparatus has a menu of ten programmes with different ranges of treatment for a variety of conditions. The compact design, the long-life battery and the in-built electrodes make BERT-А1 ready for use for hours even in the outdoors. Each programme lasts seven minutes. Several repetitions are needed to achieve visible result. The improvement is always fast and visible. Patients who have tested bio-resonance technology are from a variety of ages, diseases, environment and living conditions.

Since its establishment in 1995, AMET Ltd follows its mission to develop contemporary production in the field of medical technology and electronics. The company is reliable and sought-after partner on the Bulgarian and international market, and follows the best international practices in the development of its products.


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phone: +359 2 925 13 65

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