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Architect Ivo Dikov Architect Ivo Dikov

Architect Ivo Dikov on the secret of good development and why residential building Montevideo Apartments stands out

Residential properties are among the hot trends on the Sofia market. Few of them, however, can match the quality offered by Elite Building Company. The developer bravely implements innovative technologies and materials, and combines them with creativity, ending up with spaces and buildings that are comfortable, memorable, modern, and that quickly find their new residents.

Architect Ivo Dikov is the motor behind the success of Elite Building Company. We meet him to learn more about the company's latest project: the impressive Montevideo Apartments residential building.

What is the secret of good residential property according to your experience with Elite Building Company?

Of course location comes first. It is the factor that gives the initial quality of a residential property, and that by default defines the target group of potential clients for the given investment project. It is also the basis on which the quality of the construction is defined to meet the expectations in accordance with the target profile of the clients.

According to our vision, functional and sustainable architecture is also of utmost importance. Regardless of the price segment, every client is looking for quality architectural solutions that, on the one hand, satisfy the everyday lifestyle and functional needs and save money and living expenses, but at the same time provide an optimal dose of comfort and living standard. Quality architecture, for its part, leads to the potential quality of the construction. When all specific details and systems are well done and work in a synchronisation while the project is still on the drawing board, it is a matter of manner, approach and attitude for the developer to realise a final product of true quality.

Why to choose the partnership with Elite Building Company?

Since the company's very creation we have put maximum efforts in establishing a new trend in construction in Bulgaria, namely to implement criteria for quality and sustainability of the production following the model of some West European examples like Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Regardless of whether we work as the main contractor of a private or a public project, or invest in a project of ours, we apply the same approach and high criteria to each detail of the process. We use only tested and certified materials from the best international brands, we invest in innovative system solutions for optimisation of technological processes, we impose three-stage quality control. I am happy that this doesn't go unnoticed and we win the trust of an increasing number of companies, investors and clients.

Montevideo Apartments

What are the defining features of the Montevideo Apartments project? Which are its strong points?

Montevideo Apartments is a really ambitious project. After long analysis and research we took the following investment move: we "stepped" at a location with development potential to become one of trendiest in the city (the completely renovated Montevideo Boulevard, a minute from Ovcha Kupel Metrostation and New Bulgarian University), but that also has established sale prices and level of construction around the average for Sofia. Following our company concept and ideology, however, we put our bets on a project that completely changes the established notions about residential property in the area and dramatically increases the quality criteria to a new level, but without becoming significantly more expensive than the average for the neighbourhood. We planned a really high level of execution that is closer to the premium segment, a thing that few would dare to do. And we succeeded: we are still at the start of construction and the flats that remain to be sold are counted on the fingers of the one hand.

What innovations and modern technologies will we see in Montevideo Apartments?

I can bravely declare that with this project we dramatically improved the standard in the mid-range segment in Sofia in regard of the materials, systems and technologies used.

For the building's facade solution, we didn't hesitate to choose a top quality facade system by the Austrian giant BAUMIT with NanoporTop end coat of self-cleaning render, combined with HPL panels by the Austrian leader FUNDERMAX and natural polished granite in the ground floor and the stairs areas.

The planned window panelling is of aluminium with disconnected thermal bridge of the latest generation of system profiles by ALUMIL, in a combination with the rare for Bulgaria glassing with acoustic insulation membrane Stratophone by the world leader AGC Glass, that reaches noise insulation of up to 43dB and a coefficient of heat conduction of Ug=1,0W (m2.k). In addition is planned hydro and steam insulation around every position of the joinery. We chose the specific details for the construction of brick walls in the zone with internal walls between the separate apartments with the aim for additional noise and heat insulation, namely the Austrian WIENERBERGER Porotherm 12N/F + 2cm stone wool + WIENERBERGER Porotherm 12N/F.

All hydroinsulations and stone wools are by the international giant SAINT GOBAIN, while for all plasters, putties, coats and paints we trust again our partners from BAUMIT.

The planned lift system is by the Finnish top manufacturer KONE, while all garage doors are remote controlled NOVOFERM.

Montevideo ApartmentsFor what people is Montevideo Apartments?

We expected that our main clients would be mostly people buying as an investment to let, as the university is close. In reality, however, most of the people who bought at the complex see their future property as a home for permanent habitation.

The huge interest in our project convinced us yet again that there is a new segment of clients in the making, consisting both people who buy as investment and for living, who is after quality, sustainability and perspective for increasing of the value of the property where they have invested their money. This is the target group that inspires investors like us put so much attention to the detail and such attitude to the finished production, and, last but not least, because of whom we will see more projects of better quality that will make us continue moving in a natural, positive gradation towards developing Bulgaria as a preferred destination for investment of capital, business development and a wholesome European lifestyle.

Sofia, 8 Chervena Stena St

+359 (0) 282 84 872

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 Montevideo Apartments

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