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Founded in 1966, French Lycée Victor Hugo is a part of the largest and most prestigious network of 492 schools in 137 countries operating as the AEFE Network of French schools abroad. Оur learners can move smoothly from one school to the other just about anywhere in the world.

Today at French Lycée Victor Hugo study more than 800 children, making it one of the largest international schools in Bulgaria. 100% of graduates successfully pass the French Baccalauréat, and of them 95% do achieve in it excellent results. Most of graduates continue their higher education in prestigious French and international universities.

The lycée welcomes children from 3 years of age. The French study programme teaches interdisciplinary knowledge and skills like curiosity, thirst for knowledge, self-assertion, respect to others and self-dependence. At the school work highly qualified French teachers, helped by their Bulgarian colleagues.

Victor Hugo School

Language learning from an early age to instil a global mindset is one of our priorities. In addition to French as the main language of instruction, Bulgarian and English are taught starting at the age of 3, followed by Spanish or German from the age of 12. Our school follows the academic curriculum established by the French National Ministry of Education.

The quality of teaching is enhanced by extracurricular cultural and sports activities and fueled by a nutritious and balanced diet offered by the canteen. The presence of a doctor, a nurse and a psychologist also contributes to the well-being and health of students, while our buses provide safe transportation between home and school.

Our premises are spread over a vast area and offer a complete set of educational facilities (science laboratories and technology rooms), cultural (art, music rooms, research and documentation centre) and sports (gymnasium, dojo, multisport field, etc.).


Admission campaign for children 2-5 years old from Мarch to Мay 2019

Оpen doors – 23 March


Sofia, Vitosha, 110 Simeonovsko Shose Blvd

Victor Hugo School

Victor Hugo School

Victor Hugo School

Victor Hugo School

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