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Virtual reality is a powerful experience tool which enables storytelling that otherwise wouldn't be possible. It allows us to engage the viewer aiming full immersion in the experience and creates new and exciting ways for interaction with media content that turns passive observers into active participants. VR takes the emotions and experiences to a whole new level. That is why client-centric industries are constantly looking for a way to provide their customers with experiences provoking consumption.

VR is not only about gaming. It has significant application in tourism, marketing, education, medicine, architecture and other industries.

Tourism is a matter of emotion and experiences. The better you communicate them the more successful you will be and VR will help you to achieve that.

The technology is increasingly used for interactive business presentation with companies creating image and product VR presentations of their advantages and good working environment with the aim to attract employees and to even organise interactive staff trainings.

BM Vision is among the pioneers of VR video production in Bulgaria. Its founder Boyan Milushev shares: "I have always believed that the way a product is presented to the client is more an art rather than a routine activity. I have worked actively for promotion of Bulgaria's cultural and historical heritage and it was impossible to not notice that the wealth our nation has in this field suffers from the way it is advertised, organised as an economic product and 'sold' to tourists. Few countries have so rich history. We need to unlock this potential.

BM vision vr camera

"This was how the idea to create the first VR movies for popularisation of Bulgaria's cultural heritage came to be. So far, as a part of the initiative 'Immerse into the culture in 360°,' we have filmed five unique cultural sites: the Boyana Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its pre-Renaissance frescoes from the 13th century; Provadia-Solnitsata prehistorical site with the oldest fortification system in Europe and a salt-production centre from the dawn of the Chalcolithic; Magurata Cave and the magic of its rock art that is more than 15,000 years old; The Ancient Roman Villa Armira with its architecture and mosaics comparable to those of the richest Roman palaces. Some of the films were created as a part of the Culture Programme during the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018 and provoked huge interest when they were presented in June 2018, and also later. We were invited to a number of events in Sofia, like an international CERN conference and the 16 + 1 Summit Meeting.

"Recognition on the other side of the Atlantic followed. Our movie about Villa Armira won in all three categories in the VR section of the West Coast International Film Festival in Malibu, the USA, in which it was nominated: for best narrative, best cinematography and best documentary. At the end of 2018 we produced a VR film about the Archaeological Museum of Varna where are exhibited the remains of the first European civilisation and the oldest processed gold in the world. In Bulgaria, the movie 'Varna Archaeological Museum - The Call of Civilisations' received the Most Innovative Project of the Year in Modern Technologies award on the International Tourist Fair Holiday and SPA Expo 2019 that finished days ago in Sofia."

BM vision vr headset

The benefits of virtual reality don't end with promotion of cultural heritage. It is a valuable tool for creation of long lasting impressions, engagement and even skill development, making it "the next big thing" in tourism, education and business as a whole. VR provides opportunities for creation of original and memorable advertisement campaigns for development and establishment of a brand, destination and even a whole business field.


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BM Vision

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