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The IBS develops and implements education in programmes that prepare specialists with quality theoretical and practical training, providing the alumni with the competences needed for their professional realisation and career development.

The IBS has created a system of different forms of cooperation with employers, aiming at collecting information about their opinion on the quality of the school's education, their ideas about the competencies and skills needed from future specialists and their readiness to cooperate with the IBS in the preparation of students for successful professional realisation.

Surveys are an important way to discover the opinion of the employers of IBS students. Their aim is to identify:

  •  the requirements of real life practice towards students' preparation;
  •  the demand on the labour market;
  • the realisation of IBS alumni.


The IBS conducts systematic surveys; some of them as a part of institutional projects. Representatives of different sectors of the economy with different professional activity participate in these surveys, sharing the understanding that practical preparation is key prerequisite for a good start for the IBS alumni.

The analysis of employers' survey shows high satisfaction with the preparedness of the IBS alumni. An average of 81% of the employers resonded that it "fully matches" the requirements of the given professional possition. This trend shows that the education at IBS formes competences making allumni competitive and effective in the work place.

73% of the survey participants are ready to hire IBS alumni if their company needs more staff. This result shows real opportunities for professional realisation on the labour marketŠ°.

The survey also shows that employers not only would hire IBS alumni, but would also recommend them to other organisations (91% of the responses).

Data analysis shows that the level of competitivenes and knowledge of IBS alumni are recognised by the Bulgarian business.



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