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Audiobooks are a staple in the West: they are indispensable when one is stuck in a traffic jam or cannot read for some reason. Now, Storytel aims to turn audiobooks into a part of life in Bulgaria as well.

This January Storytel, an audiobook leader in Northern Europe, launched its Bulgarian catalogue. The app includes hundreds of titles by Bulgarian authors and thousands by foreign ones, in Bulgarian and English. The catalogue caters to all tastes and ages: from international bestsellers and YA literature to the classics and audio-series. All you need to enjoy those are a smartphone and a subscription.

Storytel's Bulgarian catalogue was launched with a exhibition at the Credo Bonum art gallery in Sofia. During the show over 100 earphones streamed excerpts by some of the most beloved Bulgarian writers. Videos featured popular writers and social media influencers reading their favourite bits of modern Bulgarian literature.

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