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Marin Marinov, Sales Director at Do IT Wise Marin Marinov, Sales Director at Do IT Wise

Do IT Wise is a global independent consulting and software development company, focused on supporting business to thrive on their digital transformation. Do IT Wise partners with one of the leading software vendors in the areas of Enterprise Service Management, Application Performance Management, Hybrid Cloud Management and Customer Service Management, such as ServiceNow, Micro Focus, Atlassian, Cherwell, New Relic, Dynatrace, AppDynamics. Do IT Wise Integration Hub product enables integrations between enterprise service management systems. Currently the company serves more than 50 companies on Fortune 500 list. Established in the USA in 2010, the company opened Bulgarian office in 2013 and moved the headquarters to Sofia in 2017. Marin Marinov, Sales Director, elaborates.

Why is Digital Transformation important for the modern business?

Digital Transformation is becoming a buzzword, just like "cloud" was one several years ago. Like any relatively new and widely used term, there are lots of definitions floating around. The one I most often use is that Digital Transformation is the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business and society. While this may sound a wide-open definition, I like it, because it emphasizes the fact that all of business aspects can be positively impacted by such a transformation. Examples include the ways businesses reach out to existing and acquire new customers, the ways they deliver products and services or they optimize the cost and the speed to do so. Essentially, you can impact any area of the business, so it enables you to deliver greater value to your customers and stakeholders. More and more companies realize this and run or plan to run Digital Transformation initiatives.

How can you help a company that wants to transform digitally its business?

Companies we typically help are large to medium enterprises and public institutions, which often already rely heavily on IT, but they have additional opportunities to maximize the value they can get out of it. Often parts of the business are digitalized but have not been really transformed – what was done before on paper and executed manually is now being run using the information in an electronic format but following the same old models. So, we will typically start from analyzing their business model and the processes supporting it and we will help them renovate and optimize them to enable leveraging digital technologies.

We then often automate a lot of those processes on leading software platforms, freeing time and resources to the businesses to focus on what matters. Essentially, we help different business units to collaborate better, work faster, more efficiently and effectively, while delivering and experiencing greater user experience. Implementing the processes on modern software platforms we partner with helps also employee satisfaction levels as they were very often using outdated systems. So, we bring the consumer experience employees are used to from their own personal usage of mobile and web apps to the enterprise world.

Does the size of the company matter in Digital Transformation?

Yes, it does! Any business needs to be on board of the Digital Transformation trend if it wants to thrive or even survive. The size of the company mainly influences what the focus of the transformation should be and how it can be achieved. The key to get the maximum out of a Digital Transformation initiative is to the way business is run, which often is much easier in smaller businesses than in larger. For example, for a small boutique selling clothes on a central commercial street might be easier to move to a web shop and mobile app, which they will advertise through digital channels like the social media, than to a bank which until yesterday was serving its customers only in physical branches. Nevertheless, both businesses will benefit from such a change, as they will reach out to potentially more customers.

Sofia, 89 Aleksandar Malinov Blvd
phone: +972 54-815-5660
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(At least) 3 reasons to choose Do IT Wise

When you have finally decided to digitally transform your company, look no further than Do IT Wise. Here is why:

What Do IT Wise does best

Do IT Wise delivers great customer results since 2010, partnering with some of the biggest and best players in enterprise service management enabling software like ServiceNow, Micro Focus, Dynatrace, AppDynamics and delivering its own unique Integration Hub product.

What Do IT Wise offers

  • Transformational consulting: Enabled by long experience in transformational consulting and based on industry best practices and frameworks, such as ITIL and IT4IT, Do IT Wise will help you assess your current state, design your future state and plan your transformation roadmap across people, processes, technology.
  • Integration Services: In a Hybrid IT world, you seldom run your business on a single platform. Enabled by Do IT Wise's unique Integration Hub technology, the company's integration services will help you close the lifecycle across ITSM, ITOM, DevOps, APM, CRM/CSM and custom solutions, taking away integration complexity, hidden costs and finally making life simple again.
  • Implementation Services: Armed with years of experience, Do IT Wise professional service team will help you deliver solutions across ITSM, CSM, APM, ITOM, HR, DevOps, SecOps and custom app development domains, based on the industry leading software vendors such as ServiceNow, Micro Focus, Dynatrace, AppDynamics and variety of proven open source products.
  • Operations Services: Do IT Wise service operations team will enable you to focus on your core business activities, by freeing you from often complex, challenging and costly task to operate and develop your enterprise service management solutions.

No matter single system or an integrated environment, Do IT Wise can take care for it, while you take care for your customers.


Do IT Wise product stays behind the company's success

  • Platform: The Do IT Wise Integration Hub is a platform not just a point-to-point integration tool. It allows building custom workflows which lets the customers shape the integrations between their products.
  • Process automation: Many processes like incident creation, change management or issue reporting can be automated with the Do IT Wise Integration Hub.
  • Scalability: The Do IT Wise Integration Hub can support any environment – from small to extremely large enterprise deployments.
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