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Among the variety of possibilities for education, Step By Step provides proven results. The educational centre has become an established name with its English and German language programmes, student programmes and courses for adults. The courses at Step By Step are always up-to-date and combine established working traditions with innovative approach. Krasimira Koleva, owner of Step by Step, tells more.

How Step By Step improves quality of education for contemporary Bulgarian children?

Step By Step has over 12 years of history. In this time we managed to create a fluently working symbiosis between classical, interactive and innovative educational methods.

We use diverse approaches that provoke children to be active, vigorous and inquisitive. To discover new things, to learn more and with pleasure. In the educational process we aim to create atmosphere of friendship toward every child with attention to their individual tempo and learning style. Our highly qualified teachers work with the most contemporary educational programmes and are in line with all new trends in educational process. We also apply most of the technological novelties, such as interactive board, for example.

On what principle do you select the special educational programmes in the centre?

The educational programmes are coordinated with the state educational standards and are complemented by new methodics, principles, pedagogical approaches and interactive activities that have proven their effectiveness. Our aim is for children to be well prepared, motivated and successful, while being happy, too. The balance between playing and serious study is very important for every child.

Krasimira Koleva, owner of Step by StepWe think that everyone has potential that awaits to be discovered, and that everyone is capable to not only study, but also to achieve success, without stress. Encouragement and constructive feedback are very important for us.

What traditional and innovative teaching methods do you use and how do you balance between the two?

We find the balance in keeping off the extremes, while sticking to the golden mean.

Traditional school day care for additional preparation of children for their school classes is combined with elements of Suggestopedia and interactive practices, games, multimedia.
step by step education centerIn language learning programmes we also apply innovations, but also keep to the standards of the common European language frame and work with tested study systems by leading world publishers.

Both children and adults can prepare for the language certificate exams of Cambridge University and Goethe Institut. They can also attend conversational and individual classes that help them not only to master the language, but to feel secure and calm when they use it.

Branch Gotse Delchev: Sofia, 20 Slavovitsa St, block 14, phone: 0898 417 187, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Branch Strelbishte: Sofia, 37 Tulcha St, phone: 0898 417 188, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Branch Shishman: Sofia, 11В Slavyanska , phone: 0877 417 189, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

step by step education center


step by step education center




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