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Aleksandar Aleksandrov Aleksandar Aleksandrov

Owner Aleksandar Aleksandrov on what is behind the company's motto 'Job well done'

To re-discover yourself and to successfully start on a new road: Aleksandar Aleksandrov is an example that with passion, perseverance and a little bit of luck everyone can change their live in a positive direction. A few years ago the established wrestling athlete left sport for good and started offering cleaning services.

His diligence, skill and enthusiasm in doing his job quickly made an impression on his clients. This was how Cleaning Service Team was born, a company for cleaning of homes, offices and other spaces. The company is still developing, but Aleksandar Aleksandrov never compromises with the quality of his work regardless of the size of the site he has taken responsibility for.

What inspired you to establish Cleaning Service Team?

When I left sport, I had to take on something that I loved. I love when everything around me is clean and neat. I am good in establishing order at home. At cleaning. I started with a minimal financial investment. The main part of my investment in Cleaning Service Team was my own labour. I hope that every young person will have the chance to turn what they love into their profession.

What makes you different from other cleaning companies?

I don't compare my company with the rest. We give the best of ourselves. Cleaning is a specific activity. The market is very large, with companies of all sorts and character. Each of them strives to provide everything to the client.

Cleaning Service Team is yet small, but when we reach the next stage in our development we are going to create something radically different. For now, we strive to work as best as we are able. To establish ourselves on the market. We don't compare ourselves to anybody. We have our own individual way of thinking.

What additional services do you offer?

Our services are individual, meeting the client's particular needs. The clients are constantly changing and we strive to fulfil their desires and to meet all the challenges. Our company is very dynamic.

Who is the typical client of Cleaning Service Team?

Our client is successful and can afford such a service. They want to have time for themselves. To sit and relax. To know that their space will be cleaned well.

Most importantly: our client is a person with high requirements. I am very happy in such cases. The higher the requirements, the better. Let the client set the class and the bar of what is considered work well done. This is our motto, too: Job well done. Thus, I hope, we will remain on the market and will be valued.

Aleksandar Aleksandrov, Cleaning Service Team

What is the most memorable task that you have done?

Every task is important and memorable, regardless of whether it is for 40 or 20,000 leva. Each one of them is a step up and forward.

What is important in our activity is to develop the human factor. Business is more than bigger profit. If it were so, it would be easier for me to work alone with a single assistant - I know what to do and I cannot do a mistake. The idea, however, is to create job positions and to rely on employees, expanding regularly. Business is managing a team from a distance.

What is the biggest challenge you have to deal with?

By all means, the people. At the moment in Bulgaria there is plenty of work, money, opportunities. There are so many spaces that need professional cleaning.

People are problem. They are not taught to follow the rules, the contracts, the agreements. For us, as employers, it is hard to explain to these people that there are rules and regulations. That if the contract says that a job should be done in five hours, you cannot be ready in four hours and ten minutes. That if a space should be cleaned for the X amount of money, I cannot pressure the client for more. That there are labour contracts and laws and that they should be respected.

People are the biggest challenge - every day, every hour, every minute.

The rest is fine. We are alive and healthy, we work well. We want to develop, we are not afraid of anything. As long as we are alive and healthy, the rest is not just coming - it is flowing towards us.

Phone: 0896 189 009

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