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Sunil Kumar, Head of EXL Europe Geography, and Lyubka Dimitrova, Head of EXL Bulgaria, on the importance of Digital Intelligence and Bulgaria's advantages

EXL is a business process solutions company which believes that sustainable growth requires from businesses to look deeper at how they manage their operations and processes. The company has a problem-solving focus, asks the right questions, and creates the right solutions for the clients' needs.

EXL offers integrated operations management services, analytics and technology/platforms for both immediate results and long-term business impact. It works as a strategic partner to help its clients to simplify and streamline business operations, improve corporate finance, manage compliance, create new channels for growth, and better adapt to change.

EXL is built on value and trust, and takes client service seriously. The company immerses in its clients' industries and operations, thus becoming an expert that can be trusted to solve complex problems.

EXL is also a game changer, as it looks deeper for alternatives, new tools to drive efficiency, and quick responses to evolving industry trends.

EXL offers solutions for insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utilities, travel, transportation and logistics. It also provides functional services such as finance and accounting, legal support and analytics to a wider range of industries, including professional services, retail, manufacturing and energy. Some of the largest international companies are its clients.

EXL opened an office in Bulgaria 14 years ago. We are talking about the company and its local operation with Sunil Kumar, Head of EXL Europe Geography, and Lyubka Dimitrova, Head of EXL Bulgaria.

Mr Kumar has been with EXL since 2014 and became the leader of the company's European operation in 2017. He is located in Sofia, from where he is managing the EXL's branches in Romania and the

Czech Republic.

Mrs Dimitrova is a seasoned leader in finance with 14+ years of experience. She joined the company in 2007 and has never ceased to believe her motto "Obstacles are just opportunities."

What companies can benefit from EXL's services and how?

Sunil Kumar: EXL focuses deeply on a select group of industries. We serve leading insurance, banking, healthcare, travel, transportation and utilities companies around the world. Our focus has allowed us to build the deep domain knowledge our clients need to solve key client challenges. We combine industry expertise with a globally renowned strength in big data and analytics to help our clients grow revenue, improve profitability and customer experience, and manage risk and compliance.

Sunil Kumar, EXL

How do you apply Digital Intelligence in your services?

SK: Digital Intelligence is the all-important combination of data and domain to create context. It provides the context that enables us to look deeper into our clients' operations to find opportunities to outperform competitors, improve customer experience, and grow profitably. Context enables us to determine "What to do." Digital Intelligence enables us to orchestrate complex and interdependent technologies – AI, robotics, analytics, machine learning and more with human capability. Orchestration provides the "How you do it" – to quickly deliver tailored, targeted, breakthrough outcomes.
In insurance, for example, we combine deep domain expertise, unmatched data resources, and leading-edge analytics to develop profitable audience targets. We can then reach these targets utilizing all available relevant media, and support all major distribution channels. We are so confident in our ability to engage the right customers for our clients, as we work on a performance basis.

Another example: we deploy advanced analytics and AI, combined with our in-depth knowledge of banking and financial services to improve anti-money laundering and fraud detection processes. This has resulted in an average 20% reduction in the costs associated with fraud and anti-money laundering detection and resolution.

What is the future of this field?

SK: The market opportunity remains robust. The global services market is expected to reach $225 billion and to grow at 6-7%, according to industry studies. About 30% of our business is in data and analytics. Given the opportunity for companies to find value in their data, spending in this segment is expected to grow with 15% and to surpass $200 billion by the end of this decade, according to analysts.

How have you proved real results for your customers?

Lyubka Dimitrova: In the modern fast running global business, Voice of Customer and Net Promoter Score are just base indicators. Nowadays the service providers are moving into the role of business partners and advisors. Performance indicators and continuous improvements are not enough to measure success. A new subjective but meaningful sign for client satisfaction is the moment when you become an active member of the customer steering committees and decision making platforms. It is the time when your opinion is sought and taken into consideration in the companies' strategic plans.

Lyubka Dimitrova, EXLWhy did EXL choose Bulgaria? What is your Bulgarian branch doing?

LD: The Bulgarian branch is focused on Finance and Accounting and Insurance services. It covers companies operating in the EMEA region. Why Bulgaria? We are asked this question quite often and I can say that the reasons behind the decision 12 years ago stand strong even today. It is a country with very attractive labor cost and constantly developing infrastructure. It is easy to be reached from any country in Europe, and it is a member of the European Union. Its internet quality and coverage are among the best in the world. And most of all it has young, motivated professionals who speak fluently a variety of languages.

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