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Elena Spirina Elena Spirina

When you want a personal or a corporate party to remember, call Elena Spirina. An MBA and PR specialist, she founded Party Management in 2007 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the Bulgaria's most impressive event planners. Her style combines great creativity and organisation skills, which guarantees that each event she takes care of is unique, full with pleasant memories and fun.

For 11 years, Party Management has organised more than 700 of memorable events. Which is the most non-standard one of those?

All the events our clients have accepted the challenge to go out of the box and make non-standard. When you start from a tiny detail and end up with a complete concept based on it. When in your desire to fulfil the client's wishes you push yourself out of your comfort zone and create new things.

My personal favourite is a 30th birthday party. The dress of the client inspired us for a black-and-yellow dress code and decoration. The cake had photos of her life, from her birth to the birth of her child. On-site we had an artist sketching up live portraits of the guests. The result was an incredible emotion for our client.

Another nice shot was when we convinced some corporate clients to have decoration with flowers and vegetables. There is many more, however. For team buildings for example, we create totally tailor-made races: Once we have collected "dental cavities" from printed children smiles in a team building for Orbit, we organised a team building race with hole drilling and lawn mowing with a client's products, we had company logo drawing race with Caterpillar excavators. Just imagine those large machines with brushes in front!

Our biggest challenge, however, is the White Dinner public event. Not everyone understands its non-standard format, but everyone is enchanted by its magic and we had this year over 560 guests. We are yet to find the best formula for the Bulgarian market and consumers.Party Management

When is best to start planning for the Christmas party? What are the trends?

Big companies already started in April, as there is lack of venues and performers to choose from. Current trends include attractive bar tenders and cocktails, explosive tastes and visuals, futuristic concepts, circus arts, acrobatics. Elements inspired by White Tale, Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby are still in vogue. Balkans are also fancy: catering is based on the tastes of Serbia, Romania, Greece, music is in the style of cheerful punk of Dubioza Kolektiv or Goran Bregović. Goran performed in one of our company parties last Christmas season. We even had a "Welcome to Balkans" event for 2,500 people! It was great fun!

What  requirements should an event meet to run smoothly and leave a good memory?

Preparation should start at least 3 months earlier. Quality should not be sacrificed to lower costs. Having a Plan B is a must, and so are crisis management solutions. Every detail and service provider should be checked before the event. One bad provider can cause a crisis chain reaction to other services and the overall performance. The tasks in the team should be well distributed. Attention should be paid to every detail, from the invitation to the dress code, the guests’ feedback and the photos. The client should choose a proven event management company. I am glad that most of our clients have been with us for years. I know their tastes, inner company dynamics, their staff. For one of our favourites, we have done more then 25 events for the last 4 years and crazy stuff like Star Wars, Superheroes in the Office, Cowboy Party with a lot of tequila and chilli peppers, Party 4 Friends inspired by the TV show. We had many large gala dinners, factory openings, official guests like the President of Republic of Bulgaria, many ambassadors and great fun with our over 50 team building programs.

We prefer working with clients who allow us to be innovative, trust us as their partner. We create friendships with them. The feel is different and work becomes pleasure. You outperform yourself.

And remember – good photos create good memories, so never economise from a professional photographer and cameraman. Mistakes are forgotten. Good photos are what remains.


Sofia, Andrei Lyapchev blvd 51, 3rd floor, office 307
+359 884 474 159; +359 884 474 185; 
+359 885 348 219; +359 885 348 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Party Management


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