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Ivan Velkov, Chairman of the Management Board of the BGFMA Ivan Velkov, Chairman of the Management Board of the BGFMA

The Bulgarian Facility Management Association represents the local professionals in the field. The association is a member of European Facility Management Association and the International Facility Management Association, or IFMA. It works for the public recognition of the importance of the profession and of the need of legal regulation of professional facility management and management of processes, properties, assets and infrastructure. Ivan Velkov, Chairman of the Management Board of the BGFMA, tells more.

How can we be secure that the facility management company we choose is a good one?

Ask for references. Get experienced and professional advise for experienced and professional provider or management company. There are options and solutions available and ready to perform. Even if you go through a tender, a pitching process or shortlist of preselected candidates getting a proper reference might help you define, reshape or even redesign your needs and requirements. Then finding a real partner for your organization will be secured. A 'good FM company' will treat you and your needs as a partner, not just a client or customer.

What services can and should we expect from a proper FM company?

The scope of the services, the amount of tasks, the volume of processes you are ready to allocate, outsource or delegate has no limits for a reliable and solid FM management company. There are vendors and operators providing specialized, tailor-made services for specific needs and there are companies providing full-scale integrated management solutions for every possible and even future scenario for the smooth and evolving work at your business or organization.

Few weeks ago BGFMA hosted the 26th EuroFM conference with more than 300 delegates from 50 countries. The diversity and scope of presentations and shared practices showed that there was a clear indication for the powerful and prominent developments in our guild. In every aspect.

What are the achievements of facility management companies in Bulgaria and what challenges do they face?

We have earned the respect of our colleagues and partners for our corporate development, application of EU and ISO standards and commitment for supporting and actively participating in research, education and training of a new generation of Bulgarian FM professionals. Last but not least, we have the stamina and perseverance to grow and lead in a business environment that is far from understanding and appreciating what we are capable of and that we cannot only assist, but truly help improve it. It is not only the business environment in the corporate sector, but in the public sector, too, with all the solutions for public buildings, streets and areas that could and should be maintained and managed at a completely new level.

The progress and development in our industry is tremendous. It is one of the most dynamic and transforming professions. The ability to synthesize achievements from the modern digital and virtual technologies with decades of experiences and good practices, the understanding of the buildings as an asset and instrument for enriching the workspace environment and the multifunctional and sometimes multicultural financial, marketing, management, HR and/or CSR needs and desires has become our way of constant improvement. Internally and externally.

Sofia, 36 Dragan Tsankov Blvd, Interpred WTC, floor 3, office 327

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