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Bulgarian skills and Israeli expertise combine for optimal solutions

MySmile International Dental Centre is a joint project of Dr Magdalena Nikolova (Bulgaria) and Dr Mazor Yoav (Israel). In it the two professionals offer the full range of dental services. The accent is on orthodontics and high technologies, while the ambition is for MySmile to become the "heart" of Europe for high-technology individualised orthodontics. Dr Mazor is an international lecturer and consultant of GC Ortho (Japan) and Adenta (Germany). The clinic is certified by Voco (Germany).

What advantages has the co-operation between a Bulgarian and an Israeli specialist for the patients?

Dr Magdalena Nikolova: The Bulgarian dentist has a detailed knowledge of the problems of the Bulgarian patient, on how to inform them and how do they think. That is why it is important for every international clinic based in Bulgaria to employ a Bulgarian specialist. Bulgarians insist on the good look of the dental offices, and on high hygiene. In short, Bulgarians know how to make beautiful clinics, but Israeli specialists have larger medical knowledge and are usually innovators in medical technologies in medicine in general and dentistry in particular.

Dr Magdalena Nikolova, MySmile

Dr Mazor Yoav: This cooperation creates high level of dental treatments combined with the most modern concepts and technologies for the Bulgarian people.

Bulgaria, as an EU member, benefits competitive prices that allow the implementation of such technologies and the development of most modern clinic and computerised systems centre for all Europe.

The level of prices is fair due to the high efficiency.

What innovative treatment methods do you offer in MySmile?

Dr Mazor YoavDr Mazor: As a specialist in orthodontics and a part of the academy at the Jerusalem orthodontics international specialisation programme, my activity includes research and development of the most innovative orthodontic treatments. They are manifested as high-quality results in shorter time. The use of computer assisted design and manufacturing in our clinic allows the creation of those developments. The clinic is using the highest quality of equipment and materials mostly from leading companies in Europe.

Share with us more about the high-technology individualised orthodontics in MySmile?

Dr Mazor: The conventional orthodontic treatment is too exposed to human mistakes and the doctor basic knowledge. The latest development is the individualised orthodontic appliance. We are using computerised technologies and equipment together with unique treatment philosophy, based on the most modern orthodontic concepts and related to the specific patient clinical situation and needs. This development significantly decreases the dependency of the treatment results on the doctor abilities. The use of such high-tech development decreases the risk of human mistakes and provides the most accurate treatment tool for excellent results in much shorter time. It is as driving a high quality, most advanced, computer controlled and navigated car to bring you safe, fast and relaxed to your destination.

Burgas, 26 Vardar St, floor1 and 2
phone: 056 53 03 03, 0877 53 03 13
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MySmile Dental Clinic


MySmile Dental Clinic

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