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Dr Branimir Kirilov Dr Branimir Kirilov

Medical Dent Dental Clinic is among the most authoritative clinics in Bulgaria. In it you receive highly qualified care in the fields of children dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, implantology. Earlier this year Medical Dent opened the first, and for now only, "digital floor" in Bulgaria. The founder of the clinic, Dr Branimir Kirilov, a specialist in implantology and surgery, tells more.

Medical Dent is already 13 years old. What did you achieve and what do you plan for the near future?

Our team expanded and we accumulated significant experience with a range of cases. We constantly attend seminars of world specialists and are already a leading clinic in Central and Eastern Europe in the fields of implantology, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry. We plan to add new technologies and to become a world-level clinic.

What services do you provide at the "digital floor"?

The "digital floor" is equipped with the latest digital technologies and a full range of apparatuses for faster treatment with even greater attention to detail.

Medical Dent Dental Clinic

Diagnosis and implantology are the main fields affected by the "digital floor". With the help of 3D scanners dentists identify more accurately different root conditions. In implantology, proper preparation is crucial for the final result and the patient's comfort. Here the "digital floor" helps. When planning an implant treatment, the 3D scanner is an opportunity for more precise diagnosis upon which the individual treatment plan and method are developed.

3D scanner is also in the basis of making of a surgical lead for more precise placement of the implant in the bone. Surgical lead is a programme that recreates the oral cavity in a three-dimensional model. It not only helps the patient to grasp the final result of the procedure, but also helps the dentist during the implant placing.

Medical Dent Dental Clinic

What is the individual treatment plan that you prepare for the patients at Medical Dent?

People are usually scared by dentists because of lack of information. The individual treatment plan is our way to show the patient our professionalism, care and personal approach towards their case. The preliminary examination allows us to recommend a complete treatment, which is then explained in a detailed document including all the procedures, their distribution in time, the specialists who will participate, as well as the deadline and all the expenses. This makes the patients an active part of the process, and keeps them informed on the procedures we offer.

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What is your concept about "Teeth in a single day"?

The technologies in the "digital floor" allow us to work with such speed and precision that patients no longer need to take leave from work because of dental treatment. For example, before a crown placement used to take 3 days – imprint taking, manufacture, placement. Now the 3D digital print is sent directly to the machine, which makes the crown in only 10 minutes. The whole procedure takes a day.

Sofia, 114 James Bourchier Blvd 
+359 (02) 963 07 37

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 Medical Dent Dental Clinic

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