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Dr Svetlomir Damyanov and with Dr Nina Notev Dr Svetlomir Damyanov and with Dr Nina Notev

Damyanov Dental Clinic is among the youngest dental practices in Sofia. It opened in the end of 2016 with two dental offices and a focus on endodontics, aesthetic restoration and children dentistry. Only a couple of months later it won the award "Dental practice with clear focus and vision for the future" in the competition Dental Manager of the Year – Admira 2017.

We are talking with the clinic's founder, Dr Svetlomir Damyanov, a champion from the two Endoolympics organised in Bulgaria with participation of the nation's finest specialists in root canal treatment, and with Dr Nina Notev, whose work is focused on aesthetic dentistry and post-endodontic restoration.

What can we expect in the new, modern Damyanov Dental Clinic?

Dr Svetlomir Damyanov: I dreamt for years to create practice of my own where patients would come with pleasure as they would feel among friends. We spent a lot of time in preparation, perfecting even the tiniest details in patients' experience and preparing ourselves for this crucial step to a new level, a higher level. Making the clinic a cosy and warm space for our patients. That is why our offices are spacious, with beautiful paintings and a large library.

For me, investment in being better dentists is as important as investment in the feeling that visiting a dentist is not scary at all. Because it really isn't.

Dr Nina Notev: Our aim to have a young team at the clinic is hardly a coincidence. Our patients, and the children of many of them, will grow together with us. The environment is a family one, and it is easy to feel it.

In the clinic we have two fully equipped offices, and we have clearly defined the fields in which we are focusing. Besides our three main fields – endodontics, aesthetic restorations and children dentistry – we also partner with an excellent visiting surgeon and an orthodontist. This is not common in Bulgarian clinics.

How did you achieve winning the "Dental practice with clear focus and vision for the future" award?

Dr Damyanov: The jury of the Dental Manager of the Year – Admira 2017 competition took notice of some of the things we already mentioned: investment in a young team and close, but professional relationship with the patients; application of technological innovations; the DD Education educational centre that will start this autumn. Education is the best way to improve Bulgaria's dental sector, that is why many of our efforts are yet to be channeled in this direction.

What should we know about tooth whitening?

Dr Notev: Tooth whitening is among the most sought after cosmetic procedures that restore the teeth's natural colour and can even achieve several shades lighter colour with the use of carbamide peroxide as whitening agent.

It is important to underline, however, that teeth whitening works for people with healthy teeth. Crowns, veneers and fillings cannot be whitened. If a patient has those in the visible zone of the mouth, after the whitening they might have to be replaced.

Cleaning of tartar and teeth polishing are compulsory before the procedure, while the whitening itself can be performed in the dental office or at home. When made in the clinic, whitening is a one-time procedure and the effect is visible immediately. Teeth whitening doesn't damage the tooth enamel and patients can enjoy great white smiles for a long time. However, they should remember that lasting tooth whitening effect depends considerably on pigments in the foods and drinks consumed: tea, red wine, coffee and others, as well as smoking.

Damyanov Dental Clinic

What about veneers?

Dr Damyanov: Many of us have congenital or acquired small imperfections like changes in shape, defects on the enamel surface, change of colour or irregular alignment. In such cases veneers are a sparing and minimally invasive method for achieving the best aesthetics.

Veneers are thin ceramic flakes adhesively glued to the teeth. They change completely the patient's smile. Unlike crowns that cover the whole tooth, veneers cover only the frontal surface, with the back one remaining unchanged.

Veneer placing is a two-side process. The patients actively take part in the selection of the shape, the colour and the size of the veneers. What should be strongly pointed here is the impressive boost in the patients' self-confidence after the imperfections were corrected. We have witnessed this in dozens of our patients; they began to feel the power of beautiful smile as a weapon on their road to success and happier life.

How to protect our children's baby teeth from developing caries?

Dr Notev: Dental hygiene always comes first. Caries appears where factors such as bacteria, carbohydrates and others are present and active for a prolonged period of time. If the dental hygiene is proper this cannot happen. In case with children that means regular cleaning in the morning and in the evening as soon as the first tooth grows. The parents should gradually teach their children how to brush their teeth by themselves.

Proper diet is also important. It should cover from cliches like "no lots of sweet" and "rinse your teeth after eating a sweet" to reducing to the absolute minimum eating carbs between main meals.

Damyanov Dental Clinic

Dr Damyanov: Healthy baby teeth are a prerequisite for healthy permanent teeth. When the child learns that visiting the dentist is not scary, they begin to do it regularly and without fear. Proper and timely prophylaxis always results in healthier teeth. Very few people realise how important it is, and very easy to apply.

We are working to improve the parents' health culture in this respect and to show them that children can visit the dentist without fear, if everything is done timely. Parents who have not been "traumatised" by the dentist in their own childhood know better how to take care of their children's dental health care.

Dr Damyanov, as one of Bulgaria's top endodontists, what challenges do you experience in treatment of root canals and how can you help us if we suffer such a problem?

Dr Damyanov: Challenges in contemporary endodontics are radically different. Broken files, perforations, large cysts and granulomas are no more a problem in root canal treatment. Instead, it is downplaying of root canal treatment and preference to modern and expensive implants.

Many patients, and also a lot of colleagues, easily write off teeth with a variety of endodontic complications, replacing them with implants. This happens in spite of serious research from the past few decades that clearly shows impressive success rates of root canal treatment. For the last 12 years, we have achieved similar results with saved teeth. Some of the cases we have been able to trace for more than 10 years.

Almost all of the root complications, where the case appears hopeless, can be dealt with endodontic methods. We only need to follow the strict rules of our science and to avoid weakening of the root walls, by removing a minimum amount of dentin tissue.

Damyanov Dental Clinic is at 57В Kazbek St, Sofia. 
Book an examination or treatment on +359 878 60 00 71 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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