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Dr Irena Hasara Dr Irena Hasara

When you cannot be satisfied with anything less than perfectionism and the highest quality of dental care, the answer is Dr Irena Hasara. She is one of Bulgaria's top orthodontists. She has specialised in Paris, and now combines the accumulated experience with the skill to find the optimal solution for every smile, turning it into a reality. Bulgaria's political, corporate and showbiz elite trusts Dr Hasara, while a number of print media and TV programmes use her expertise. There is only one way to find why Dr Hasara is so sought after: booking a visit at one of her two clinics.

Why and when a child should see an orthodontist?

This is obligatory. In the best case scenario the first examination should be when the child is 2-3 years old and not after the age of 7. Some problems are eliminated much easier at an early age. In the cases when treatment is possible only after a particular age, the child will be prepared in advance for the upcoming event.

Today, an increasing number of people over 25-30 years of age seek orthodontic treatment. The reasons vary. In some they are purely aesthetic. Others suffer from functional problems as the result of irregular teeth arrangement and bite imperfection. Yet for a third group, orthodontic treatment is only a part of a complex dental treatment that includes other specialists: surgeons, implantologists, prosthesists, periodontists.

When do we need an orthodontic treatment?

The need is defined by two major factors.

First is the individual understanding and the psychological attitude of the patient and/or the parents regarding the condition and aesthetics of the teeth and jaws complex. Common problems in this regard are:
• clustering due to lack of space for the normal arrangement of teeth;
• gaps between teeth;
• upper frontal teeth protrude in front of the lower, or vice versa;
• upper frontal teeth cover more than 50% of the surface of the lower ones;
• upper frontal teeth are vertical regarding to the lower ones or meet with them "edge-to-edge;"
• a permanent teeth that refuses to grow;
•aesthetic defects.

The second major factor is the need of complex dental treatment in regard of:
• securing of optimal functionality and aesthetics;
• lack of permanent teeth germs;
• need of correction due to periodontal problems;
• need of correction as a part of preparation for prosthetic treatment or orthognathic surgery.

Are there any age restrictions in regard to brackets use?

Brackets are good for all ages. As history shows, we have come a long way in order to provide millions of people with smiles that make them proud. Smile is a person's business card, half of the face's beauty is in it. It was the aim to perfection that inspired me to dedicate myself to orthodontics.

Clinic 1: Sofia, 67 Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd, floor 1, phone: 0898 622 315; 02 954 30 71
Clinic 2: Sofia, 29 Konstantin Irechek St, 
phone:  0898 622 315; 02 851 06 35



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