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Virtue Dental Center is a place where ambitions and narrowly specialised professionals offer complex treatment in all fields of dentistry. This guarantees that at Virtue you receive competent care regardless of the particular problem. Dr Boyana Byanova tells more.

In which cases do you recommend 2D and 3D model of the smile and why?

A model is made when you want to improve your smile, when many constructions are replaced with new ones, during total rehabilitation, problems with the bite and the joints, and more. The model is arguably the most important part of treatment. It requires good planning of the future restorations (veneers, crowns, crowns over implants and others). The zones where it is necessary alone are minimally filed. Based on the project, in 15 minutes temporary constructions can be made. The patient can try them to check their aesthetics and function. This is important as at this stage of the process all mistakes can be corrected.

Virtue dental center

Why should we choose an implant over a bridge?

Bridges do not have any advantages over implants. With an implant you don't need to file the neighbouring teeth. The hygiene is normal, as the crown can be cleaned with dental floss. The implant puts a pressure on the bone where the missing tooth used to be, thus reducing its deterioration. The implants' only disadvantage is their higher price. It, however, is a long-term investment in the patient's health.

Virtue dental center

What contemporary technologies and treatment methods will we find at Virtue?

Virtue Dental Center follows all trends in innovative treatment in order to give only the best to its patients. But technology alone doesn't guarantee good and adequate treatment. Virtue stands out with its holistic approach towards treatment. We believe that planning, correct diagnosis and teamwork of different specialists are the bedrock of every good treatment. At Virtue each specialist works in a particular field of dental medicine. After the initial examination a diagnose is made, followed by treatment plan and visits' schedule in accordance with the patient's needs.

Virtue dental center

Bonding or veneers for a beautiful smile?

Bonding is an innovative procedure for construction of usually frontal teeth with a composite, after a preliminary model. It is a minimally invasive method – no filing or pulp extirpation. The disadvantage is that the composite changes its colour with time and needs yearly polishing. Ceramic (porcelain) veneers remain the most durable aesthetic solution for smile restoration. New technologies and ways to glue the veneer to the tooth allow a strong connection and long exploitation period. The filing is minimal and often not necessary at all. Ceramics doesn't change its colour with time. This makes it the best and most durable option for restoration of frontal teeth.
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Sofia, 10 Georgi Sofiyski Blvd
phone: 02 996 40 20

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 Virtue dental center


Virtue dental center


Virtue dental center

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