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Anita Aleksieva, Transal agency Anita Aleksieva, Transal agency

Transal Services Ltd is a boutique company for translation and legalisation that prefers quality over quantity. It focuses on interpreting, economic and legal translations, subscription services. We are talking with its manager Anita Aleksieva, an experienced translator and interpreter to and from the German.

Why are professional interpreters necessary?

Interpreting aims to guarantee the communication between the participants in the event. Every client of such service wants their message to be correctly translated. Transal Services provide excellent interpreters speaking all the major European languages. We also offer event organisation.

How do you guarantee the quality of your legal and economic translations?

Quality translation begins with the translators' selection. In our company each of them goes through a mandatory testing period. Every translation order is analysed and sent to a translator with the appropriate qualification and experience. The ready translation is checked by a proof-reader and an editor. With the clients we discus the pros and cons of unrealistic deadlines and other matters.

What is the advantage of your subscription service?

It is for companies and individuals who don't want to hire employees with the corresponding languages. Instead, we translate all the documents, mail, conversations in short deadlines and at preferential rates.

Sofia, 5 Graf Ignatiev St, floor 2, office 204

phone: +359 (0)889 733 534
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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