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In the recent years pet grooming became a thing in Bulgaria. Everyone was wondering what pet grooming was, and some even asked: "Why don't you call it just fur styling?" Because pet grooming is not just fur styling.

Pet grooming is complete care for the appearance of your dog or cat. Pet grooming is not simply washing and fur styling, nail clipping and ear cropping, removal of dead underfur…

Dog and cat grooming is the basis of your pets' health and good self-confidence.

Pet grooming is compulsory for all breeds regardless of the length of their fur. In Bulgaria the interest in pet grooming procedures grew significantly in the recent years thanks to the owners' desire to do something more for their dogs and cats.

Furry Mury Pet Beauty Studio opened in 2014. For four years now it has cared for the excellent appearance of hundreds of dogs and cats from Sofia. The studio consults each of its clients on the care and maintenance of the skin, the fur, the nails, and also on the care of the zone around the eyes, the muzzle, the ear hygiene and a lot more. Furry Mury Studio offers high quality professional cosmetics and accessories for skin and fur care.

Furry Mury succeeded in convincing its clients that pet grooming is not a luxury but a necessity. Thanks to the regular care for their skin and fur pets feel better and have more wholesome lives, their skin is healthy and their fur is combed and shiny.

With the fast speed with which grooming is establishing itself on the Bulgarian market, with the owners' desire to provide more to their pets, Furry Mury Studio constantly improves its services.

In the search of that "something more" the studio decided to undergo a dramatic change. From September 2018 Furry Mury will become a grooming studio for cats only.

Cats need a lot of attention and special approach. Their grooming is always a significant challenge and is often a story with an unexpected and unpredictable end. Furry Mury decided to direct its efforts to cats as they are often neglected due to their untameable character.

The first of its kind grooming studio in Bulgaria will offer the complete maintenance and invaluable advice on pet cats care. Its mission is to convince the owners that cats need grooming as much as dogs do, and that Furry Mury is the place where they will receive special treatment.

Cats will be served by a specialist with long experience in the field. The studio's practice has proven that cats do not need to be sedated in order to be groomed. Your cat will be serviced without an anaesthetics and in a tranquil atmosphere created particularly for the animal.

Furry Mury Salon recommends the high-quality Spanish cosmetics by Artero. You can purchase it from your grooming salon or from www.groomersshop.com.


Sofia, Lyulin Centre, 38 Architect Georgi Nenov St

The studio works only with prior arrangements!

reservation and information: 089 7 565 966
Monday-Friday: 9am - 6.30pm

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Atero pet cosmetics

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