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Ruslan Penchev, Rector of International Business School Bulgaria Ruslan Penchev, Rector of International Business School Bulgaria

Nowadays the labour market is a challenge for both young people and established professionals. Often, prerequisites include adequacy in the constantly changing tendencies of their industries, where certain professions and skills become futile and completely new skills quickly reach a high demand. Under these conditions, the International Business School Bulgaria successfully fulfils its ambitious goal of preparing its students for their future endeavours.

It offers both bachelors and masters programmes correspondent to the market’s needs, as well as programmes in continuous education in partnerships with leading academic institutions from all over the world. The rector of the International Business School Bulgaria, Ruslan Penchev, shares more.

For whom is the International Business School Bulgaria?

The industries are changing. Career development is getting new dimensions. The International Business School Bulgaria (IBS) is the most suitable university for all who strive not only to be relevant to these novelties, but also to control them. Business education here is a valuable investment in the future. The modern academic environment and education, corresponding to the highest international standards, carries visible benefits which far overreach any financial boundaries.

What are the benefits of the masters programmes at IBS?

IBS prides itself with its outstanding interdisciplinary and joint international programmes with which it provides unique academic and developmental opportunities for its students.

Our programmes are the result of the demands and necessities of business and the need for systematic work on innovation and economic and business development by preparing leaders ready to meet the challenges of the present and the future.

Our programmes provide an exceptional caliber of education, an innovative spirit, cooperative culture, team work and access to education to anybody who is talented and ambitious enough to put them to use.

The programmes which IBS offers through the most advanced educational technologies, their administration level and the quality of the study materials are a unique educational opportunity that meets the international standards of distance learning. This is so because:

  • their content is oriented towards the real needs of the students;
  • they offer the most advanced learning management system;
  • the educational methods used with our students are based on the contemporary concept of "anywhere, anytime, any device."

Every working professional can fit those flexibly in their daily routine without disrupting their regular work engagements or personal life.

What do the students receive? How does the school prepare them for the labour market?

IBS perfects the intellectual and social development of its students through education following international standards and models. We prioritise meeting the regional and national standards and requirements with all of our courses.

The school prepares experts in the fields of administration and management, economics, and tourism, which possess concurrent knowledge and abilities, integrating young people internationally.

In our PhD programmes, we educate researchers to ensure the utilisation of the human capital with advanced expert proficiency.

International Business School Bulgaria

Through advancing the qualifications and retraining of experts, IBS provides applied science and expert consultation activities, and delivers possibilities for continuous education.

A major priority for the International Business School Bulgaria is the preparation of its students for the dynamically developing and competitive conditions of the labour market. This is accomplished by IBS through its close ties to business. It is an indicator of our involvement in Bulgarian economy and the development of this country's environment.

At IBS, we have a system of cooperation with employers collecting feedback on the education we provide and their view on the competencies and skills needed from future specialists. We also consult them on cooperation with us in training of students to ensure their professional future.

Our academic programmes are consistently improved to match the requirements of the current labour market. The practices of IBS correspond to the EU priority of stronger bonding of the main elements of the triangle of knowledge: "research-innovation-education."

What international partnerships does IBS participate in?

IBS was created as a project initiated by Bulgaria and Denmark. From its beginning, it has been an academic institution focused on the demands and needs of the current times and the Bulgarian nation. Our community surpasses the boundaries of the school and the country and is involved in academic partnerships with other continents.

Over the past years, some key joint projects with international programmes were implemented:

  • Business Administration - City University, Seattle, the USA;
  • Management and Counselling in International Tourism - University of Applied Sciences, Breda, the Netherlands;
  • Business Administration, jointly with Johnson International University, the USA (distance learning);
  • Security Management - provided by leading security experts from Israel.

The cultivated innovation culture at IBS stimulates the widening cooperation with foreign universities and adopts good educational and research practices from the partnering universities.

This past year alone, IBS broadened its nexus of partnerships by signing partnership agreements with universities from Croatia, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Georgia, Cyprus and others.

Bulgaria, Botevgrad, 14 Gurko St, phone: +359 (0)723 688 12, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Distance Learning Center: Sofia, 7 Vincent van Gogh St, phone: +359 (0)2 400 16 30, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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