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Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ruse Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ruse

The biggest Bulgarian city on the Danube has a number of interesting religious sites with centuries of history and remarkable architecture.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is in the centre. Built in 1632, it is the oldest church in Ruse. It is a three-nave pseudo-basilica that is 31.20 m long and 15.60 m wide. Its hexagonal belfry is 19 m high and was built with boulders from Ruse's destroyed fortifications. It has five bells. In the cathedral's narthex are the graves of four bishops of the Dorostolo-Cherven diocese: Grigoriy, Valisiy, Mihail and Sofroniy. Ruse's cathedral is visited by pilgrims as it keeps the holy relics of a number of saints. The church also attracts tourists as it is sunken.

In the cathedral is also kept a late-17th century miracle-making icon of the Holy Virgin, with gilt woodworks and lavish ecclesiastical objects. In 1983 the Holy Trinity Cathedral was declared a national monument of culture. The same year was created an ecclesiastical museum, the only one in Bulgaria that is not the property of a monastery, but of a bishopric. At a later date, it was closed to visits, but reopened in 2016. It's exhibition of books and ecclesiastical objects is an excellent opportunity to learn more on Bulgarian religion. Both the church and the museum are visited by students during their religion classes, and are also in the tourists' itineraries.

St George Church, Ruse

St George Church


The St George Church is also a sunken three-nave pseudo-basilica, 32 m long and 14 m wide. It was built in the 17th century, but its current look is a 1843 reconstruction by an builder from Tryavna. In it are kept relics of St George. The church is in the centre of city, close to the central railway station, in the erstwhile goldsmith neighbourhood.


All Saints Cathedral, Ruse

All Saints Cathedral


The All Saints Cathedral was built at the end of the 19th century. In the 1970s it was demolished and on its place was built the Pantheon of the National Revival Heroes. The foundation stone for its resurrection was laid in 1998. The new temple was inaugurated and blessed on 10 September 2017.


St Paul from the Cross Catholic Church, RuseSt Paul from the Cross Catholic Church, Ruse


By the Danube is the St Paul from the Cross Catholic Church. It was built in Neo-classical style in 1890 by an Italian architect called Valentino. In 1907, in it was placed the first organ in Bulgaria.


Armenian Church Ruse

Holy Mother of Christ Armenian Church


In Ruse are also the 17th century Holy Mother of Christ Armenian Church, and the Said Pasha Mosque from 1876.

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Said Pasha Mosque, Ruse

Said Pasha Mosque

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