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Jewish Bulgaria, the photography exhibition produced by Free Speech International with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, continues its journey through Europe. Having been on display in Prague last January, it  opened in London, at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in South Kensington, on 20 June.
The exhibition focuses on the material heritage of at least 18 centuries of Jewish presence in the Bulgarian lands. It takes the viewers on a journey through both time and space: images of abandoned cemeteries and synagogues alternate with  pictures of everyday life of this country's tiny Jewish community. It is both a poignant reminder of a culture that no longer exists and an optimistic pointer to the future.
The dozens of viewers in attendance at the opening of Jewish Bulgaria included Bulgarian expats, diplomats, writers, artists and citizens with an interest in the Jewish story not only in Bulgaria but in Eastern Europe as a whole.
Jewish Bulgaria will be on display in London through the end of August.
In September, the exhibition will be on in Sofia. 
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