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The culture phenomenon that is the White Dinner, an elegant picnic with white as the dress code, is taking place for the second time in Bulgaria.

The concept began 30 years ago with a spontaneous evening picnic of a group of friends in Paris who dressed in white in order to find one another more easily in the dark park. Their accidental decision started a global cultural concept. Today, white dinners in the centre of a city are organised in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Berlin, Johannesburg, Hamburg, Torino, Munich and many other places, gathering between 5,000 and 20,000 participants each year.

Bulgaria's second instalment of the White Dinner will take place on 12 July, Thursday, in Sofia, and on 21 July, Saturday, in Varna. The charming Orlin Pavlov will sing live and afterwards there will be a DJ party. The three MasterChef finalists Dani, Kolyo and Nikolay will take the stage, demonstrating how to prepare quick and delicious gourmet food to accompany the fines beers and wines.

The first White Dinner in Bulgaria, in 2017, attracted 320 participants, including many families with children, a baby, and two white dogs. Dances, flowers, candles and delicious food were a part of the event.

white dinner event sofia

The White Dinner concept has several main messages to the participants:

  • Environmentally friendly mindset is crucial, so no disposable plastic plates and cutlery are allowed;
  • Being initiative and creating beauty is welcome. To encourage this, the organisers will give awards for the three best laid tables;
  • The joy of fresh food prepared by the participants is key, so unleash your creative force when making homemade sandwiches and desserts, and selecting fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses and sausages for your White Dinner.

The registration for the event covers tables, chairs and light drinks. The participants should bring their own food, plates and cutlery, while tablecloths, decoration, garbage bags.

The dress code is, of course, white and white only.

white dinner event sofia

The urban picnic is in line with the current concept for slow living. It inspires us to break from our usual environment, to find time for the people we love, to share our favourite food with our family and friends, to turn an ordinary summer evening into a different experience.

So, you are ready for your first White Dinner and you know with whom you want to share it.

The next question is: WHERE will the White Dinner be?

According to tradition, the location of the event remains a SECRET until the day of the dinner. Only registered members will receive instructions where to meet the event's coordinators. They will take them to the selected location, that is always in the city centre or at a place with wonderful vistas, which you would like to see and where you would love to be seen. This short walk is a kind of a flashmob in white, under the curious gazes of the passers-by.

white dinner event sofia

A secret place. A white dinner. Live music, dances and tasty food prepared by yourself.

Register on to become a part of Bulgaria's second White Dinner, on 12 July in Sofia and 21 July in Varna.

We, from Vagabond, already did it and will be there.

white dinner event sofia


white dinner event sofia


white dinner event sofia


white dinner event sofia


white dinner event sofia


white dinner event sofia

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