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When we bought the old school of the Bardeni Village in 2004, the building was in ruins. However, we immediately felt connected to it.

The scenery, the serenity, the pristine nature, the history of each stone composing the old building: all of these imbued us with the urge to forget all of our worries, to relax and to ultimately change our lives.

At this point we decided to share what we had felt with as many people as possible. We transformed the old school into a healing center. A hotel, if you like. A retreat where water comes from a mountain spring, the air is crystal clear, and where we gather our own herbs and then use them to heal your body.

We aim to establish a bond with our customers, providing flexible rates for longer stays and we use all of our knowledge to help our guests in any way possible. We organize and conduct yoga trainings, debates and seminars dedicated to healthy lifestyle. We can create for you your own personal herbal and nutritional programs and we encourage you to participate in our charity activities and helping others.

Sokay Hotel

The hotel's location is suitable for visiting all of the nearby historical monuments, including an ancient Thracian sanctuary, one of Bulgaria's medieval capitals, the preserved old town of Tryavna and many others. Our eight rooms and three apartments are furnished following the authentic local style. Our guests as well enjoy a traditional tavern, a dining area and a kitchen. With its capacity of 30 people, our conference room is suitable for retreats, symposia and other events dedicated to physical and mental rejuvenation.

For more information, including what does the hotel’s name mean, visit our website.

Bardeni Village, Tryavna Municipality
phone: +359 988 223 838
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Sokay Hotel


Sokay Hotel


Sokay Hotel

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