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Dr Mariela Hitova Dr Mariela Hitova

Established in 2013, EuroDerma Clinic is the result of the common effort of three leading Bulgarian dermatologists: Dr Mariela Hitova, Assoc. Prof Zhana Kazandzhieva and Prof Nikolay Tsankov. They have united their knowledge and skills in different areas in the field, offering their patients advanced and quality dermatology and aesthetic treatment. Dr Hitova tells more.

What advanced technologies and equipment do you use?

Medicine and the IT are experiencing the fastest development in the modern world. To a significant extent the reason are the new technologies and the bio innovations. Every year a new technology, a new drug is introduced and we should be extremely well prepared theoretically to decide which machine would be best in our practice. Then we begin to perfect its usage, with courses, seminars, trainings.

In EuroDerma we work with the best technology. Our equipment is pain-free, highly efficient, multifunctional and most importantly, in the hands of licensed dermatologists. The procedures and manipulations here are performed by physicians, as good clinical practice demands. This is very important for the effect on the skin, the patient's safety and the good result.

The laser ALMA platform presents an opportunity for the full impact spectrum: capillaries removal, nail treatment, nonsurgical facelifting, pigmentation and tattoo removal, epilation. The VENUS VIVA apparatus works with multipolar radio frequency, with options for fraxel and lipolysis. The CO2 laser is used for surgical interventions and treatment of scars and stretch marks. Derma Shine is the first pin mesotherapy for each part of the body, and the GUNA phoresis is for needle-free collagen mesotherapy. Dinamify performs lesions digital dermatoscopy. We can choose between many options, alternating them in accordance to the skin's clinical answer and as good dermatologists to achieve the effect we aim for.

Dr Mariela Hitova, Euroderma Clinic

What principles do you stick to at EuroDerma?

We work with the best products and equipment, and we strictly follow our motto that "less is more." We think that the contemporary dynamic and confident woman (and man, of course) should look impressive but without detectable changes. The spark comes from the inside, not the outside. The smiling face and the glowing skin are more important than volume and lack of wrinkles. Beauty can even be in the small defect that brings individuality to the face.

What specialists work at EuroDerma and how do they keep up their professional level?

In our clinic work the best, both proven leaders and colleagues in the beginning of their professional development. We have achieved perfect symbiosis between the experience to make a diagnosis in 20 seconds and the desire to know and to be able to do everything, to search for new directions and approval. Our harmony is amazing. The knowledge is perfected with each consilium and microscopic sample examination. Each of us attends specialisations, seminars, trainings several times a year. We are all lecturers or reference physicians. We constantly learn and follow the latest innovations. Because we want to be the best.

And we are. We see it every day in the eyes of our patients, we feel it in their good words, and we know that all the efforts and sacrifices have worth paying the price.

Sofia, 4 P Slaveykov Blvd
phone: 02 426 1073

Dr Mariela Hitova, Euroderma Clinic

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