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 Nevena Nikolova, Partner in Friisberg & Partners Bulgaria Nevena Nikolova, Partner in Friisberg & Partners Bulgaria

One of the oldest Executive Search organizations in Europe, Friisberg & Partners International (FPI) was established in 1977 and is currently active with 31 offices on four continents. Apart from Executive Search, the company’s services portfolio includes Management Audit, Business Partner Search and Executive Coaching. The 40th anniversary of FPI is the reason to talk to Nevena Nikolova, Partner in Friisberg & Partners Bulgaria.

Mrs. Nikolova, would you describe briefly the specifics of the Executive Search service and what differentiates it from the standard recruitment approaches?

Executive Search (also referred to as "headhunting") has to do with the systematic identification and proactive approach to targeting professionals for highly responsible management roles. In most cases these are passive candidates, who are not looking for career change, but while discussing with the consultant they are able to recognize a specific opportunity as really attractive and relevant to their career aspirations.

Which are the main business sectors in Bulgaria using headhunting services?

It's primarily the industry sector, followed by FMCG and Life Sciences (Pharma). Currently we face increasing interest in Executive Search from technological companies and financial institutions as well.

What are the key reasons for companies to decide to benefit from your Executive Search services?

Usually it is about a crucial management position for which the company needs to find the best skillset the market can offer. Often the reason to look outside the organization is lack of internal candidates with relevant potential, the need for some "fresh blood" or for a valuable know-how the right candidate could bring. Also, Executive Search is generally used in case of confidential searches for positions that are not vacant.

What are the main reasons for highly qualified managers to decide to change their job?

The opportunity to assume bigger responsibility (in terms of hierarchical level, functional scope, scale of business or the challenge's complexity) is the main reason. The upgrade of current compensation package could also be important but usually it complements the drive for some kind of professional growth. More and more often we meet executives that are willing to make a career change aiming at better work-life balance.

Can you share some trends that you as headhunters have identified during the last year?

An interesting trend is that the employers are becoming more and more focused on the personality and the soft-skills of the candidates – their potential to fit the organizational culture and values, learning agility, change management and strong leadership capacity. As the Bulgarian market is quite small with rather limited talent pool we tend to target more and more Bulgarian professionals working abroad. The good news is that many of them are positive in considering a return to their home country and we already have several successful placements from this target group.

Sofia, 26 Dragan Tsankov Blvd
phones: +359 888 973 146; +359 2 865 75 79

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