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Pavlina Dimitrova, managing partner in Predistic Pavlina Dimitrova, managing partner in Predistic

Established in 2011, Predistic is a Bulgarian software company run by a team of experienced professionals united by the mission to be a successful and preferred partner to leading international companies. Ever since, the company has been steadily growing and establishing itself as a supplier of software services in the field of logistics and automobile software.

Pavlina Dimitrova, managing partner in Predistic, has years of experience in managing of teams offering software services to corporate clients. In Predistic, she manages the company's key clients and its HR.

For companies in which fields are Predistic services?

We have long-term partnership with large companies in the fields of logistics, postal automation, and automobile software. Our main clients are SIEMENS Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH, and Continental Automotive GmbH. We aim at widening our clients' base, using a model for long-lasting co-operation that provides serious advantages for achieving high effectiveness. Regardless of the constantly changing technology in the fields we work in, our clients can rely on our services for their strategic projects.

What are the strong sides of your product FIXS Win? For what companies does it work?

This project was born when we, after years of working on clients' projects, decided to create something on our own. It is a contemporary version of FIXS, a payroll product created by Professor Avram Eskenazi and Associate Professor Rumen Radev and used for more than 30 years by almost thousand organisations of all kinds, collecting constant feedback from them. This experience helped us to reflect in FIXS Win practically all reasonable desires a user can have, both in regard of functionality and interface. This is why we consider the FIXS products as a "product family".

The product is suitable for any organisation and it is kept synchronised with the changes in the laws in the country. The clients recognise the product's excellent maintenance and its options for adaptation to the specific customer's requirements.

How do you guarantee value to your clients?

Our team has the reputation of a preferred reliable partner for development of software projects. For six consecutive years we have won the Gold Supplier award by Siemens in the field of postal automation. The trust we have gained during our previous work is the foundation of the long-term partnership with our clients. It, for its part, steps on our core values:


Through the years our team has learned how to work with established processes, both ours and our clients'. With the processes that we constantly improve, we guarantee high quality and efficiency of our services, meeting the quality standards of our corporate clients.

Our model for long-term partnership is backed up by the dedicated teams we create for every client. Within these teams we build serious competences in the fields where our clients operate. As a relatively small company, we stand out with the individual attention and care for the development of our employees, thus managing to keep and develop the reached level of competency. We are in line with the technological development of our clients' products by building relevant competences in our teams. This provides strategical ability to meet the changing needs for expert software services. Last but not least, we maintain flexible and transparent communication with our clients while working on their projects.

Sofia, 24-26 Hristo Kovachev St
+359 2 491 4447
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