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 Ivaylo Rachev, founder of ArmSoft Ivaylo Rachev, founder of ArmSoft

Digitalisation of public services is a hot topic in modern Bulgaria, and although the country is lagging in this respect, there are companies that help it to move in the right direction. ArmSoft is one of them. Since 2005 it has been working on the creation of modern, secure software for municipal register offices. Its founder Ivaylo Rachev shares more on the strong sides of the ArmSoft ActWare product and on the needs that such products should satisfy.

What is the purpose of ArmSoft ActWare?

ArmSoft ActWare is developed for the everyday work of municipal register offices of Bulgaria and for usage of leading software solutions for development and processing of the database. Its goal is to provide end users with optimal capabilities, stability and safety in their work. ArmSoft ActWare is for Bulgarian municipalities that create, save and reproduce originals and copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, and other documents. Our product is important not only because it collects, preserves and reproduces print and e-copies of documents. It also allows synchronisation with the national civil registers. The product is constantly updated to be in line with the current legislation and to provide easy use.

Why a municipality should opt for ArmSoft ActWare?

ArmSoft ActWare is a modern high-technology product helping administrations to create working e-municipalities. The list with the product's advantages, flexibilities and opportunities for the users is quite long. It is in accordance with the modern trends in e-government and complies with Bulgarian legislation. It is extremely good for one stop shop services. ArmSoft ActWare uses the Microsoft SQL server for databases, which is also used by the Bulgarian institutions. This makes it completely compatible with them. It offers an option for digitalised copies of documents, which is particularly of use when old documents are concerned, as they are often damaged. ArmSoft ActWare has a rich search system and a strong subsystem for users and their access rights.

What other services for state administrations does ArmSoft offer?

ArmSoft has established itself as a reliable partner of the civil register services, offering a family of products. Besides ActWare, it also includes programmes for cemetery administration, for digitalisation of different registers and documents, and for the citizens' personal register cards. We also have highly-effective products for digitalisation of programme products for local population databases. Our portfolio includes consultancy services for municipal administrations regarding technological and administrative matters, and troubleshooting.

What is characteristic for the products and services for state administrations?

Software products and systems for state administration have to meet a number of criteria. They have to be in accordance with the current legislation and should be easy to use, providing trouble-free experience for the user. They also should be flexible and compatible with other systems, and should allow the transfer of databases between different structures. They have to posses a high level of security of the informations and options for integration in the local policies for security in the administrations. The citizens' personal data is particularly sensitive and acquires a five-stage technical protection, plus additional administrative and organisational security measures. The products for state administrations should be highly resistant to hacker and other malicious attacks, and their accumulated databases have to be highly reliable.

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