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Angelina Ivanova, Managing Partner Angelina Ivanova, Managing Partner

Interview with Angelina Ivanova, Managing Partner of Heat Development Solutions

Heat Development Solutions has almost 15 years on the market of Learning and Development solutions. What is your success over the years due to and what distinguishes you from the other consulting companies on the market?

Mostly that we never stop developing ourselves. We don’t deliver “copy-paste” programs and we don’t use ready-made franchise solutions. We are certified to apply training methods which give us variety of options and freedom instead of delivering fixed and limited solutions. We are always open to explore the world around us for possible needs, tendencies, challenges and opportunities.

Who are your clients?

Most of our clients are big international and Bulgarian companies in different industries which understand the need to invest and care about their people's continuous development.

In which areas do you develop people?

We work in many areas, such as personal effectiveness, leadership development, relationship management, business skills, team development, creativity and innovation, etc.

What types of training do you deliver?

We apply informational and experiential methods of learning. Sometimes we combine both. Informational training provides specific knowledge and competences, i.e. it teaches some “right ways” of doing things. In today’sworld such type of training could be also delivered by some technological solutions such as e- learning, video programs, etc. This type of training is suitable for developing hard skills and some basic soft skills.

Our focus is mainly in experiential, body-mind methods of learning that help participants discover their internal criteria what is right. These methods, for example work well in developing adaptability, proactivity, negotiations, collaboration skills, etc. An effective development of such skills needs working on awareness and also interacting with other human beings which is something one cannot predict or plan. These are skills which are hardly ever to be copied by the machines. By the way, those are some of the most important skills indicated by the business leaders globally and locally according to researches.

Heat Development Solutions

What are the today's challenges in Learning and Development of people in the organizations?

Significant challenge is the tendency of today's people to become easily and frequently distracted while on the other hand, developing new skills requires sufficient time and concentration.

Another challenge is perceiving training programs as an entertaining events, instead of a development process owned by the learners. This is why there are plenty of programs which rely mostly on talking and storytelling done by the trainer who is trying to please and impress participants, while learners' participation is limited to playing interesting and funny games. Unfortunately, this approach nourishes the perception of the training as a fun activity even more.

Often, what some HR people do is to send someone to a particular training program just because it's going to be interesting and they have nice references from other colleagues, instead of emphasizing on the person's specific learning needs and expected outcomes.

How do you handle these challenges?

One thing is that we use innovative, experiential methods of learning such as Aikido Training Line® and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® that engage participants not only consciously but also physically. Body-mind methods maintain high level of concentration, achieve real results and long lasting effect.

In our methods learner is the one who makes and tells the story. We also play - but not just any play, serious play. This kind of play has an explicit purpose and is done in a particular way.

We also support participants in their continuous development through follow-up sessions that help them to put the newfound skills into practice. Also, we provide upper-level training programs as a long-term process in achieving mastery. And of course, we have extensive discussions with the project sponsors in order to identify what the real training needs are and manage expectations.

Heat Development Solutions

What are the main characteristics of the methods of learning you use?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a language that help unlock human potential. The LEGO® brick is used to unlock and construct new knowledge, not to convey someones's answer or knowledge. The method creates safe and constructive environment and interaction where everyone is focused on the task and question the LEGO® model and its story-not the person. In other words, it helps all participants focus on the message, not the messenger. That's why the method can be really valuable tool for team development, bridging diversity, brainstorming, strategy development, solving complex and dynamic challenges.

Aikido Training Line® is much more focused in achieving awareness and authenticity. The method provides full body-mind experience and is able to produce fast and direct results. Single body-mind exercise can achieve much more than hours of explanation, argumentation, statistics, research data and so on. Change and learning can be much easier if awareness is used as a tool for learning. Aikido Training Line® works well when there is a need for new ways of thinking or change in behavior. Various training needs and competencies could be effectively addressed with the method - such as proactivity, adaptability, collaboration, handling conflicts and difficult behaviors, leadership wisdom, negotiation and many more.

Why Learning & Development is important?

I believe its our purpose of life. As human beings we are designed to adapt and learn since the moment of our birth. This is the main difference between humans and animals - our huge capacity to learn. We should strive to become better humans by constant learning, be open to new ideas and perspectives, see possibilities and expand our limits.

Sofia, 9 Arsenalski Blvd, floor 1, office 4

phone: 359 2 862 5396

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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