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Dr Stoyan Marinov Dr Stoyan Marinov

The office of Dr Stoyan Marinov is a place where you get modern dental care with a priority on aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry, treatment of teeth and jaw deformities, maxillofacial surgery, and pain-free treatment of children and adults. This year, Dr Marinov was chosen in the patients' vote to be one of the 30 dentists in the national rating "The Doctors We Trust."

What do your patients receive in your office?

Highly effective treatment at an affordable price with the use of modern technology and materials. We offer excellent hygiene and sterility, we put the stress on high aesthetics and high quality of work. Our priorities are laser treatment, modern techniques of the type of warm condensation for teeth treatment. We use САD-САМ systems for dental prosthesis.

Dental facets are also a priority of yours. Tell us more about them? 

They are a golden standard in aesthetic dentistry. They are used in multiple caries or in deformation on the front teeth, crooked teeth following fractures or deformations of front teeth. When treatment with fillings is not enough, we use facets of photopolymer, porcelain, zirconium. Zirconium and porcelain facets have the greatest aesthetic value. The procedure is pain-free. An imprint is made of the teeth, in the laboratory dental technicians of САМ robots make the facets, which are then glued in the patient's mouth. The procedure takes a day. Soon, the dental laboratory we are working with will implement a special robot that makes the teeth in an hour. 

Sofia, 141 Haydushka Gora St 
phone: 0898 582 084 
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