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Dr Encho Stoyanov Dr Encho Stoyanov

Sport trauma doesn't affect only professional athletes: amateurs also need highly professional help to recover. Dr Encho Stoyanov is a specialist in sports medicine and has a rich experience as a physician of the national youth football team and the national biathlon team, before opening a private clinic in Burgas. He is also a member of the four biggest associations for sports medicine in the world.

To whom can sports medicine help?

Sports medicine is a fast-growing multidisciplinary field focused on the diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injury and illnesses. It also helps people to improve their athletic performance. Health workers who specialize in sports medicine treat professional and amateur athletes, those who want better results from their exercise program, people who have suffered injuries and are trying to regain full function and those with disabilities who are trying to increase their mobility and capability.

What of the latest achievements in the field do you apply in your practice?

In my practice you will find some of the many achievements in sports medicine. Shockwave therapy is a modern and highly effective pain treatment. Shockwave energy is conducted to the affected body regions, selectively deleting "pathologic reflex patterns" and enabling re-learning of "hale reflex pattern", thus forming the basis of permanent healing. It provides fast pain relief and mobility restoration. As a painkillers-free non-surgical therapy, it is ideal to speed up recovery and cure various indications causing acute or chronic pain.

I also use sophisticated high power laser class IV with up to 60 watts power, which simulates the cell to perform its natural functions, at an enhanced rate. The therapy treats the underlying condition or pathology, and is effective, with long lasting benefits. It relieves the pain and helps to you enjoy everyday activities again. The HPLT works in arthritis, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, muscle and ligament tears, knee and hip pain, sprains or strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tear, sciatica, herniated discs, foot or ankle arthritis, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, stress fracture, nerve pain, non-healing wounds

The Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is a ground breaking non-surgery treatment for pain relief by naturally promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions. It is increasingly popular with professional athletes, recreational athletes, and highly functional individuals. It helps to return to regular activities and competition with minimal to no pain at all, and can be used in treatment of arthritis, tendonitis, and ligament sprains and tears.

I am also approved FootBalance medical provider for our region since 2015. FootBalance insoles open up a new way for health care professionals to offer better, faster, more affordable care for patients with foot problems and misalignment related conditions. FootBalance is a method for individual analysis of the lower limbs and for preparing custom-molded insoles. The innovative windlass molding method allows you to quickly and correctly mold insoles directly from your patient's feet. The fit can be tried and adjusted on-the-spot, in the same customer visit, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.

Checkmylevel is a revolutionary way to assess your personal fitness readiness, based on the recovery level of your muscles. It is a fast, accurate, real-time solution for recovery monitoring and training readiness assessment. The 30-second assessment of muscular and nervous readiness before training guides whether you should  keep going, train harder, or slow down to recover. It is ideal for both professional and amateur athletes, helping everyone to train like a professional, and relax like one, too. With Checkmylevel you have real-time information on the state of your nerves and muscles, helping you to avoid overtraining syndrome and reduce injuries.

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