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Millions of men in middle age suffer from a variety of urinary disorders caused by enlarged prostate. Today, physicians in the world's best urological hospitals solve the problem with the use of the bloodless Green Laser method. In Bulgaria, the team of Hill Clinic has the largest experience and the longest practice in this treatment. In the clinic's surgery theatre there is no blood and incisions, and the patient is not under full anaesthesia. Instead, he is conscious, locally anaesthetised, and the micro-thin laser fiber is introduced through the cystoscope and advanced into the urethra at the location of the prostate. In a safe, painless and quick way the Green Laser's light impulses heat the excess prostate tissue, which literally evaporates. The effect is immediate, the urinary canal is freed, surgery improves urinary flow.

To understand the advantages of lasers in treatment of enlarged prostate, we asked three specialists from Hill Clinic: Why lasers replace traditional surgery?

Dr Aleksandar Botsevski
Hill ClinicThe treatment of BPH (a condition more commonly known as Enlarged Prostate) changed drastically in the past few years. Before, the surgery was performed via an incision in the abdominal wall, under full anaesthesia and with all the risks of blood loss and complications. Today we, at Hill Clinic, as well as the colleagues in the best urological hospitals in the world, use bloodless method for laser treatment. My practice has taught me that Green Laser, specifically designed for vaporisation of prostate tissue, consistently provides excellent results.


Dr Georgi Georgiev

Hill ClinicLaser provides quick, safe and immediate effect. The urinary canal is freed, the jet's strength is restored, urination normalises. Wearing of catheter and post-surgical recovery are significantly shorter. Unlike other methods, Green Laser doesn't have any limitations, with it we operate even the largest prostate glands, weighting more than 130 gr. The risk of damage to the sexual function or the continence (the ability to control bladder and urination) are practically zero. We are not the only ones performing laser removal of adenoma of the prostate, but we are the most experienced in Bulgaria in this procedure. Until April 2017, we already had over 1,620 cases, and in surgery what matters is not only the technology, but also the physician!


Dr Goran Derimachkovski

Hill clinicGreen Laser is recognised as a proven technological achievement, accepted all over the world as a standard in treatment of adenoma of the prostate gland. Instead of via a scalpel incision, we enter the body via its natural orifices, inserting a laser fiber that systematically vaporizes the enlarged prostate tissue until the obstruction is removed. This allows the urine, which until then has been obstructed by the enlarged prostate tissue, to flow without a problem. The patients are happy with their urine stream.

Hill Clinic. Strong urine stream guarantеed!

GreenLight XPS Laser Therapy System

Consultations are by appointment only and can be arranged by telephone +359 2 439 3131

Hill Clinic

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