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Regardless of whether we are in our home, in the office or on a vacation, life is better when we are surrounded by greenery and flowers. There are dozens of ways to have more greenery in our everyday life: potted plants, interior and exterior gardens, roof terraces, bouquets, vertical walls, etc. The solutions for all of these, however, are in one place: New Garden

Established in 2002, the company will help you to create the garden of your dreams and to maintain it in a such way that it will become a sanctuary and a place for quiet happiness. New Garden offers a wide range of options for landscaping with a variety of plants, and solutions for the lawn, the water effects, the pavements, the watering systems. The maintenance services of green areas cover all the needs, from classical to roof garden to vertical wall, and New Garden's landscape architects will help you to create a garden that reflexes best your ideas. New Garden takes care the beauty of plants to be a part even of the lives of garden-less people: the company's three boutiques offer marvellous bouquets, arrangements and decorations of flowers.

Exterior, interior, vertical and roof landscaping for private gardens, hotels, public buildings, restaurants and clubs, terraces and vertical walls. The company offers and maintains decorative trees and shrubs; relaxation corners, BBQs and gazebos; lawns; rock gardens; water effects; decorative pavements; water systems.

Maintenance is key for the beautiful garden. That is why New Garden offers full services for green spaces in private and public buildings, industrial spaces, bars and restaurants, terraces, interior greenery in the offices of companies, and vertical landscaping. The list of services includes: cares of grass areas (mowing, watering, weeding, manuring); plant defence; cutting and shaping trees, shrubs, hedge rows; plant manuring; hoeing of ornamental plant groups of trees and shrubs; weeding; alley sweeping; preparing the plants for winter.

New Garden

For a garden like nowhere else, New Garden prepares individual landscaping projects for private gardens, parks, public green areas, hotel complexes, roof gardens. The landscape architects of the company will prepare complete documentation and will follow up all the stages of the project. The services include: mapping of the terrain; preliminary design – dendrological project; preliminary design for vertical levelling; planting and tracing plans.

Flower boutique
New Garden spreads the love for beauty and plants wider via its three boutiques where you can order bouquets, arrangements, baskets, decoration for all types of events, wedding decorations, Christmas decorations, art installations.

Garden centre
New Garden's first specialised centre is in Lozenets village, Tsarevo municipality, 11A Strandzha St. It offers a wide range of trees, shrubs and grasses, annual and perennial flowers, selected from certified producers and nurseries.

Sofia, 113A Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd
phone: 0893/66 10 21
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New Garden


New Garden


New Garden


New Garden


New Garden

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