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True American burgers arrived in Bulgaria a few years ago and now have their own following and their own stars. Introducing the Skapto family – a burger joint and a bar that have become a must for anyone craving not only a true, juicy burger in a tasty bun, but also craft beer, and friendly atmosphere.

Located in Sofia's lively and artsy Tsar Shishman Street, Skaptoburger is a gourmet dream materialised. Here you will find burgers based on genuine recipes and craft beers from all over the world. The menu varies from the All American burger with deep fried hot peppers stuffed with cream cheese, to the classical beef cheeseburger, to the intriguingly named and Mexico-inspired El Chapo in a wrap with guacamole and salsa. For vegetarians, there are The Martian and Interstellar burgers.

Skaptobara is in a quieter part of the centre, which makes it a great place to have fun with friends, watch American football or enjoy your craft beer in more tranquil atmosphere. Skaptobara'a clients love hanging out in the bar's cool and sunny garden, the perfect place to have beer and burgers, while boosting your body with sun-provided Vitamin D.

If you are still not drooling with anticipation of your first (and definitely not last) visit to the Skapto family, consider the following.

The burgers of the Skapto family on a regular basis win in the competition between Sofia's burger joints, organised by Bulgaria's largest food delivery company. In 2015, Skaptobara won the King of Burger title with its El Pollo Loco, and in 2016 Skaptoburger followed suit with its Cheesus.

Sofia, 20 Tsar Shishman St
phone: +359 877 888 688
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Sofia, 11A Iskar St
phone: +359 877 333 233
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