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Professor Plamen Kinov Professor Plamen Kinov

Founded in 1946, the Clinic for Orthopedy and Traumatology at Queen Johanna University Hospital - ISUL is the first hospital in Bulgaria specialising in this field. Its head, Professor Plamen Kinov, has interests in treatment of degenerative joint diseases, endoprosthetics of hip and knee joints, serious cases of revisional endoprosthetics, minimally invasive surgeries and arthroscopy of knee, hip and shoulder joints. He has specialised in leading clinics in Italy, Germany, Austria and the US. Deputy chairman of the Bulgarian Orthopedic and Traumatology Association and a national consultant in orthopedy and traumatology.

The clinic that you manage is the first orthopedy clinic in the country. How do you keep the tradition of its founder, Professor Boycho Boychev?

We are inspired by our mission: We and our patients aim to achieve excellent health. We are a reference centre for joint endoprosthetics and revisional endoprosthetics.

The Clinic for Orthopedy and Traumatology at Queen Johanna University Hospital – ISUL that I manage is specialised and leading for Bulgaria in surgical interventions of the musculoskeletal system.

We specialise in surgeries for restoration of the large joints, and treatment of fractures in elderly patients. We use an innovative approach in organ-preservation surgery, which includes application of the most advanced methods for treatment and prevention of damages on the joints and the musculoskeletal system.

What contemporary technologies and treatment methods do you use?

We use the newest methods for treatment such as minimally invasive surgery, organ-preservation surgery and modern biotransplants with structure resembling the one of the bone. These implants are used in the most demanding of interventions: revisional surgeries for replacement of worn artificial joints. The body accepts them as a part of itself, the integration and the recovery are fast, and the patients quickly return to their normal life in the shortest period possible.

The minimally invasive techniques, specifically in joint endoprosthetics and severe traumas, shorten the recovery period to a month after the surgery.

In the clinic are applied the latest image diagnostic methods of diseases of the musculoskeletal system like nuclear magnetic resonance, computer tomography and scintigraphy. Echography of soft tissue damages and screening of hip joint in newborns for dysplasia and prevention of congenital dislocation are routine here.

Professor Plamen Kinov

Which diseases are the most common among your patients?

The most widely spread thing among patients in ISUL are health and happiness on their faces after their successful treatment. Usually our patients suffer from worn joints after joint endoprosthetics. We are often sought after by patients with sport traumas, damages of ligaments and muscles as a result of physical activity. The most common are the tears of the meniscus and the knee's cruciate ligaments; a growing number of patients come with shoulder damages as a result of overloading.

The Orthopedy Clinic, however, is specialised and treats elderly people with traumas of the lower limbs as a result of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is getting more common due to population ageing and lack of physical activity; two factors leading to bone atrophy and fragility. Bone atrophy is a part of the common age-related degenerative processes in organism, so usually patients suffering from it have as well a number of severe additional diseases that need intensive care and present higher requirements to our team. We are happy to help our fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers.

University Hospital for Active Treatment Queen Johanna – ISUL, Clinic for Orthopedy and Traumatology, Sofia, 8 Byalo More St
Private practice: Sofia, 26 Danail Nikolaev Blvd

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