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Miroslav Petrov and Anna Valkanova, PhD, founders of KNOWLEDGE2SKILLS, the first online academy for business soft skills, on the idea that makes success possible

What inspired you to create the first online academy for business soft skills?

Today, knowledge is the key factor for the success of each organisation. On the other hand, the rapid development of business environment asks for new dynamic methods in the process of knowledge accumulation and skills' formation. To meet these needs and as a result of multiple employee trainings already conducted we asked ourselves how can we provide more value for our customers, the middle and big companies. This inspired us to create the online academy that accomplishes the vision of our business model through the option of online formation of the so-called soft skills: communication, sales, team work and management.

What are the advantages of the online academy?

First, it adds quality and value to the companies. The academy is practice-oriented, the knowledge is easy to apply. Our methodology for application of the learnt methods in real life guarantees that Knowledge turns to Skills and this is the real competitive advantage - employees with new, adequate to the market, knowledge and skills. Second is convenience: each employee can study whenever and wherever he wants and thanks to the 3-week training programme he gets valuable skills. Third is the money. Our clients can calculate the budget for their own online business academy. Stepping on our experience, we have the methodology and the resources to offer excellent value for money. We offer the content as an independent product as well as the best decision for further training after passing our attendance courses. Everything is designed to fit the goals, preferences and needs of our clients.

What is the main focus in your training model?

In the beginning of 2012, we founded KNOWLEDGE2SKILLS with the inspiring idea to provide practical Knowledge that easily turns into new Skills which guarantees the growth of each business. For us the skills building is the tight link between university and business.

For example, in the area of sales trainings we use our own training model based on four factors: Reason – Benefit – Presentation – Purchase. In fact there are four major questions which every company should answer in the correct way in order to reach growth in turnover just by revealing the potential of the human resource.

The four questions related to sellers are:

1. The Reason: Why I should sell more?

2. The Benefits: What I sell?

3. The Presentation: How I sell?

4. The Purchase: How much I sell?

The companies should support their staff to find the right answers of these questions by organising team trainings led by professional facilitators. Regarding the Reason – the strong motivation is related to the concept of self-realisation, so companies should encourage assertiveness and pro-active behaviour and also provide means for sharing best practices within seminars as a form of recognition of the personal contribution. Regarding the Benefits - it is very useful sales consultants to be able together with the help of the trainer to find out more benefits of the products and services they sell and thus reach better results in presenting them to their clients.

Regarding the Presentation - sellers should be taught how to present their products or services in relation with the specific needs of their ideal client.

Regarding the Purchase - the teams should also regularly revise the company's list with the adequate answers to the clients' objections at least once a year considering the dynamics on the markets and the rapidly changing consumers' attitudes. This will certainly lead to a significant sales growth of 40 percent within the frame of the next three to six months.

We know that behind the cliche 'investment in human capital' are hidden immense efforts based on trust and joint actions taken by the three parts in the process: the training company, the managers and the company's employees. We believe that this is the formula that provides stable competitive advantage in the 'Era of Personality', as Stephen Covеy calls the modern business reality.

Sofia, 57 Botevgradsko Shose Blvd

phones: +359 898 83 82 08, +359 898 45 58 65

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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