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Situated in the heart of Sofia, Dental Centre VI is the place where the patient is a patient, and not a client. After a treatment in the Dental Centre VI, the patients enjoy healthy teeth and brilliant smile for years.

Dr Yuleto has two specialisations – general dentistry and prosthetic (aesthetic) dentistry, and is strongly engaged in humanitarian causes, including helping refugees, disadvantaged children and women who have survived violence. As a municipal dental office, Dr Yuleto has been granted with a laser of latest generation for painless treatment of hard and soft tissues – caries treatment, treatment of root canals and others.

Why are you called Dr Yuleto?

As a student, I was particularly interested in therapy and was constantly hanging in the Therapy Department. The nurses were at a loss how to call me, as I hadn't graduated yet, so they called me Dr Yuleto. It's good, it kills the distance with my patients, they feel more relaxed and are not scared of me, especially the children. And now all Bulgaria knows me as Dr Yuleto.

As a highly competent specialist, what technologies and materials do you use?

I have always used only materials of top quality and co-operate only with the best dental mechanics, the true professional doesn't make any compromises. From the tiniest detail to the end of the treatment, everything in my office is of top level. This is especially important in orthopaedics, where a compromise could cause problems to the patient. I am not a health salesperson, I am a phycisian. Seeing the pain of the patient replaced with a smile is one of the reasons I chose my vocation as a dentist.

What can we do to make our smiles more beautiful? What are the advantages of aesthetic dentistry?

I know that facets are popular, some patients rely only on them. But they are usually applied on the 1st and 2nd tooth, where six types of powers are in action, and each bite can damage the facet. That is why I recommend crowns. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are the best for the patient, and not only for the moment. Looking in the future, the prognosis, is the most important thing - not only to be beautiful here and now, but to rely on having beautiful teeth in the years to come.

Dr Yuleto Dental PracticeWhat is your opinion on implants?

After a wholesome analysis, the implants are the perfect solution. But I object their mass usage. Besides, there is an age limit for this treatment. Implantology is an art and a craft, to be capable of evaluating the individual case and to decide which procedure will be the optimal solution for the patient.

How to have a healthy smile?

The beautiful smile means healthy and well maintained teeth. This means going on regular check ups, and tartar cleaning at least once a year. Brush your teeth with hard toothbrush – the blood from the gums comes not because the brush is hard, but because the gums are ill. Each morning and evening wash your mouth with ordinary carbonated water for 30 seconds and keep in the front of your mouth for 15 seconds. Carbonated water contains only natural minerals and its temperature stimulates the blood supply. For a beautiful smile, you don't need all the teeth in perfect order – when you take care for your personal, and also for soul and spiritual hygiene, your smile is beautiful.

Sofia, Dental Centre VI (the former City Dentistry Policlinic)
5 Ivan Vazov St, Office 304, phone: 0888 929 274
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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