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Dr Dimitar Filchev believes in high technology, and the teamwork of his colleagues

The healthy, shiny smile is something that all the people in the world, regardless of their culture, cherish and covet. The places where you can get a smile like that, however, are not that many. In Sofia and Bulgaria, Filtchev Dentistry is one of the best clinics for dental care. There you can rely on professionalism, high standards and great results, provided by a dedicated team. Dr Dimitar Filchev, a leading specialist in prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry, reveals more on his latest achievement, the acceptance in Leading Implant Centers, and what makes Filtchev Dentistry a place for top dental care.

Tell us more about your participation in the Leading Implant Centers. What does it take to be a part of the platform?

To be a part of this community and platform, one needs to fit a number of high criteria like providing leading implantological treatment in your own country, as well as to have the ability for wholesome treatment of implantological cases – from implantation to finished prosthetics. This is possible only with a complex and individual approach to each of the cases.

What are the most advanced technologies and equipment that you use in Filtchev Dentistry?

In our clinic we value the new technologies and trends in modern dental medicine, that is why we strive to have all what we might need, like a microscope, two types of laser, trabecular implants, offices equipped with X-rays and more. As for the materials we use, we don't make compromises, either, and our goal is the highest quality which will provide the optimal treatment for each patient. In our practice we use widely the Cerec system by Sirona, that provides us with the ability to enter confidently in the new digital age of the modern dental medicine.

What is more important for the success of the dental treatment – the equipment or the talent of the dentists?

Regardless of the high technologies and top quality materials, our success would be impossible without the team work, in which we strongly believe. Each physician in our clinic is a narrow specialist in his or her field, we regularly discuss the treatment of patients, we keep a detailed photographic documentation for each of them, and we strive that each of us is well acquainted with each of the cases in our clinic.

How can Filtchev Dentistry help us have a beautiful smile?

The value of a smile for each individual is hard to measure. For us, the specialists in dental medicine, it is a job, it is something we create. For our patients, it is something they have lost for some reason and something they would like to have back. But for each of us, as humans, the beautiful smile is something crucial for maintaining normal social and emotional life. Smile lasts only seconds, but gives back a lot more. That is why our goal is your irreplaceable smile.

Filtchev Clinic
Sofia, 62 Krum Popov St
phones: 02 865 3540, 0888 222 480

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